All You Need for the CELPIP PDF Download

All You Need for the CELPIP PDF

All You Need for the CELPIP by author Annabelle Caruana. A comprehensive overview of the CELPIP-Canada’s leading language test.

This guide is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the CELPIP test, allowing students to prepare in a highly effective and efficient manner. The CELPIP, or Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, is becoming increasingly popular for permanent residency and academic applications. The need for more study materials for this test came from my students themselves, as I first began teaching English.

Throughout this guide, you will be walked through each part of the exam, from the format of the test to sample questions. I have provided both study strategies and test performance strategies to give you a broad overview of the entire test, without focusing on detailed grammar points or theory. After assessing your own English level and taking a sample test, you can then study independently or with a teacher who can help you break down different theory and provide valuable feedback.

I particularly enjoy teaching CELPIP preparation as it is a uniquely Canadian English exam, developed by my own alma mater, the University of British Columbia. The topics are based on Canadian culture, which makes it even more interesting. I am delighted to offer this book to anyone looking to achieve a great score on the CELPIP. Remember, studying is a chance to improve your overall English ability, so instead of viewing it as just studying for the test, it is useful to study from the perspective of enriching your language capabilities for life overall.

The key to achieving a good mark, particularly with the active skills of speaking and writing, is becoming comfortable with the formula and learning different lexical bundles. This way, during the test you will be well-prepared and able to focus on the content of the question. I understand that this test is important for the futures of my students, so I wish you good luck and happy studying.

all you need for the celpip pdf free download

Table of Contents

  • Chapter Overview ​
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1- Listening 
  • Chapter 2- Reading
  • Chapter 3- Writing
  • Chapter 4- Speaking
  • Conclusion

Chapter 1- Listening

In chapter 1, I go over what you can expect in the listening test. I provide a sample question, a breakdown of each of the 6 tasks, preparation strategies as well as techniques to use during the test itself. I also outline ways to improve your test performance by staying focused and calm.

Chapter 2- Reading

In chapter 2, I give a thorough view of different reading skills as well as strategies to utilize to achieve optimal grades. I outline ways to prepare and describe how to complete each task in the most efficient and effective manner.

Chapter 3- Writing

In chapter 3, I cover time management, preparation strategies, and provide 2 sample prompts. I provide details about completing each task and the grading criteria.

Chapter 4- Speaking

In this chapter, I talk about the automated recording system, and then outline each task and provide a sample prompt for each. I provide details of what the test graders are looking for in each task and what is required for each answer. Preparation strategies and grading criteria are also outlined.

-Author Annabelle Caruana

All You Need for CELPIP PDF Download

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