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Book Reading Survey Questions – Responding to Survey Questions

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Your College management is conducting a survey to replace paper books with eBooks. The management has sent out an opinion survey to see what students feel about the given options

Book Reading Survey:

Option A: Reading e-books is more advantageous than reading paper-based books.
Option B: Paper books are better then e-books.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Paper Books or eBooks – Model Answer 1

To whom it may concern.

In my opinion, reading e-books is more advantageous than reading paper-based books. There are several advantages to using e-books.

Usually, when in college, students are concerned about the prices of the books. Paper-based books are costly, and some students, especially international students, are constantly seeking cheaper books and material since they are spending a lot of money to study abroad. They are often looking on the internet for cheaper books and deals or buying second-hand books from colleagues. Usually, e-books are cheaper, and many can be rent for some time, such as 4-6 months becoming affordable for most students.

Another advantage of e-books is that they are sustainable, they are suitable for the environment, and the students do not have to worry about what to do with the books after the classes are over. They can choose to keep the e-book or delete it.

There are many other advantages, and however, in my perspective, those are the main ones.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this survey. I hope my opinion can be helpful.


CELPIP Book Reading Survey Questions – Model Answer 2

To Whom it may concern.

I want to opine in favour of option A, which is reading e-books is more advantageous than paper-based books as this seems far better and convincing than the other. I would present a couple of reasons to substantiate my argument.

There are two primary reasons why option A is more advantageous than option B. Firstly, it is more convenient; people can get to read books through the internet. For example, students can get to study online without going to the library to read paper books. Secondly, it encourages students to get familiar with the use internet.

Considering these reasons, I believe that reading e-books would be more beneficial than reading paper books. This is my personal opinion, and I will support whatever decision you made.

Thank you for giving me a chance to provide my input on this issue.


CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Book Reading – Model Answer 3

To whom it may concern.

Technology is upgrading the world at an exponential rate. These newer advancements are easing human life, and e-books are one of the best examples. I appreciate the management’s decision to gather students views on this topic. In my opinion, e-books will take the place of paper books in future, and our college welcomes them open-heartedly.

Firstly, e-books will bring drastic changes to the traditional library management system. It would be easier for the students to issue e-books any time of the day and even with a countable number of clicks on their system. The ease of access will encourage the students to read more.

Secondly, paper books come with many drawbacks. Every hard copy comes with a limited lifespan. The quality of the paper used gets deteriorated with time. Many times, students write on their notes on the books or ever torn out some crucial pages. These are some of the irreversible issues with the paper book.

So, based on the above two considerations, I would prefer that we start giving more emphasis on e-books. In the long run, both management and the students will be benefited from this positive change.


eBook or Paper Books CELPIP Survey – Sample Answer 4

Even though each of the options has its merit, I believe I would like to go with option B.

I know those who are arguing for option A would say that e-books can be accessed from home as you can log in from your home and read, but I believe this comfort is coming at a cost. As per my knowledge, it’s not at all a good idea to look at a digital screen for an extended period. This exercise might affect your eyes and might eventually affect your nerves in the long run causing several health issues.

Further, paper books give you the flexibility to read it at any place. If you are reading a storybook, you may lie down and read. You may read the book in a place where a charging facility for your laptop or your Kindle is not available, and last but not least, there is a charm in handling a paper book, and that charm would be missing if one goes for an e-book.

Hence, I would opt for paper books. However, I would support whatever decision is made.

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CELPIP Book Reading Survey – Sample Answer 5

To Whom it may concern.

Nowadays, Learning techniques are changing day by day, which is excellent and easy for everyone. Now we can access any study material online and read unlimited books on our gadgets.

In my opinion, all paper-based books should be available in eBook because it’s easy to learn and carry multiple books without any burden. Also, we can save them for many years without any cost. Paper-based books need a physical space and high cost to maintain their originality. If we produce less paper book, we save lot’s of plant and save the environment. For example:- If a student goes to school or college he/she has to carry all the subjects books which is hard, But if the same books available online he/she can access by their smartphone or tablets. Many countries work on these concepts because it saves money and increases the productivity which students love to study in such a country. celpip

However, This is all my personal preference which is I want, but I love and welcome what management decided for students.


College management is conducting a survey to replace paper books with eBooks – Sample Answer 6

To Whom it may concern.

I think e-books are more advantageous than paper books. Even though specific readers prefer reading paper books, e-books offer more practical benefits than paper books.

Firstly, the college has limited editions of paper books. Students need to wait for a longer time during the semester exams. Most of the students share books during exam times. It is possible that paper books can be damaged during handling, and many of the pages of the books may be missing.

It is an excellent idea on e-books to replace the paper books. Students can access e-books easily online. Secondly, we can take prints as per the topics required by the students. We can access the e-books wherever we are, and we need not worry about losing the books. Most of the students will agree with this decision. CELPIPMATERIAL.COM

Considering the above reason, I believe reading e-books are more advantageous than reading paper books. Again, this is my personal opinion only, and I will support whatever decision made by the authorities.

Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to provide my feedback.

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