CELPIP Local Newspaper Survey Questions

CELPIP Local Newspaper Survey Questions – Responding to Survey Questions

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Local Newspaper Survey


Your local newspaper is conducting a survey to know whether their paper should provide more news or more discounts and offers local newspaper survey.

Option A: The newspaper should focus on local and international news rather than discount coupons.

Option B: You think you can access News Online and would prefer more discount coupons and offers.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Local Newspaper Survey – Model Answer 1 –  Discounts and Offers

In today’s world, local and international news has become readily available on the internet where it is up-to-date and accurate; therefore, turning your newspapers’ attention to the provision of a wider selection of discounts and offers would be preferable.

Typically, newspapers lag behind online media in their presentation of news. Most newspapers take at least 24 hours to publish their stories, whereas those same stories are usually available online within a couple of minutes after the event. Sometimes, footage from natural disasters can even be viewed concurrently as the event unfolds. Competing for ambulance-chasing-type stories really is not feasible for print publications.

While your newspaper is better than most at publishing accurate details, most people have witnessed the apologies and withdrawals that other newspapers are forced to print. This is not an irregular occurrence, leaving many to wonder whether it is worth reading newspapers at all. The turn-around speed for current event articles is simply too short if what readers want to see is accuracy.

Taking these points into consideration, my preference would be for more discounts. These could be used to support local businesses, and perhaps the revenues gained from this community-building effort could be used to fund journalists who are less interested in ambulance chasing and more interested in reporting in-depth stories on the technological and scientific developments that are likely to impact our day-to-day lives in the near and distant future.

CELPIP Local Newspaper Survey – Model Answer 2 – Local and International News


I would like to opine in favor of option A which is the newspaper should have more local and international news than discount coupons as it seems to be a much better choice for me than the second available option. There are several possible reasons for my choice which I am going to bring forward.

To begin with, there are two primary reasons why option A is more advantageous than option B. Firstly, it will increase exposure; people will get familiar with everything around the world. For example, adding more international and local news will help people to be updated but not limited to what is around them.

Secondly, it increases the learning process. One research article suggests that reading local and international has been increasingly been effective in contributing to the learning process for people around the world.

Considering these reasons, I believe that having more local and international news would be more worthy than the assessment of news online.

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