CELPIP Police Department Survey Questions Car Pooling

CELPIP Police Department Survey Car Pooling – Responding to Survey Questions

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Police Department Car Pooling

The local police department is thinking of bringing in some changes. To motivate car-pooling they are planning some measures. The public is asked for an opinion.

Police Department Survey:

Option A: Introduction of the additional special lane.
Option B: Imposing speed limit on single users.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Car Pooling – Model Answer 1

To whom it may concern,

I have heard that your department is planning to introduce some measures to motivate carpooling. I know why some people will choose option B, but in my opinion, I would go for option A.

Introducing an additional lane will reduce the chance of fewer accidents, but it would also make not change the traditional speed limits or rules. However, I think it may motivate people to carpool if they know they have a particular lane only for carpooling and the very rarest chance of accidents. And other people also do not have to worry about making changes to their speed.

On the other hand, imposing speed limits may cause some problems like chances of accidents may increase. Department also has to introduce a set of new rules relating to speed limits for everyone. It may cause a lot of trouble as people are already used to traditional speed limits, and it may take some time for some people to get used to new speed limits.

I would suggest that option A would be the best to motivate people to carpool. I hope you would take my suggestions for the points I have outlined.


CELPIP Police Department Survey on Car Pooling – Model Answer 2

Dear officer,

To whom it may concern,

I am responding to your survey questioning regarding the options to promote carpooling among the citizens. In my opinion, option B is the optimal choice between the two presented.

Imposing a speed limit will encourage the motorist to initiate carpooling because single travelling will restrict them from reaching on time and concurrently delaying their travel time. Moreover, carpooling will add some extra bucks to their monthly budget, which would make it an attractive alternative.

On the contrary, the introduction of special lanes will be attractive initially. Still, later on, when more people will start carpooling, it will hinder the riders from reaching their destination on time because of the increased traffic on the particular lane, which in turn again brings the same situation where people tend to avoid carpooling. Thus, Option A is the least desirable choice given.

In conclusion, I have chosen Option B as the target to promote carpooling. I am of the view that this alternative will provide better results in the future.

Kind Regards

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