CELPIP Reading Apply a Diagram A Good Logo

This Reading Module has 12 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice Celpip Test Reading for Reading Apply a Diagram A Good Logo

Part 1

Directions: Read the e-mail about the diagram. Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the diagram when necessary.

CELPIP Reading Apply a Diagram A Good Logo KoalaCELPIP Reading Apply a Diagram A Good Logo flowerCELPIP Reading Apply a Diagram A Good Logo mountain
People feel strong emotion for animalsRepresents the beauty and fragility of natureRepresents the
majesty of the natural environment

To: Martha Sherman
From: Bruce Mitchum

Subject: New Branding Concept for NatureNutz

Hello Martha:

I have finally got around to having the time to come up with some new branding ideas for NatureNutz. Being a non-profit organization, I think it is (1. nice / essencial / important / great) for us to appeal to the public’s sense of caring about the environment, and the planet in general. I’ve come up with some possible ideas for graphic images that we can (2. have / use / promote / put) to symbolize our organization. Please have a look at my proposals, and then maybe you can tell me which of the three you prefer.

First, if we go with an animal idea, I think we will get the strongest (3. best / emotional / most / positively) reaction from the public. As you know, people in general are quite fond of animals, so we might get a lot of support by using this (4. animals / symbol / technology / imagination). The second (5. ideal / propose / thinking / possibility) is to use a flower, which represents the beauty and fragility of nature. I’m not sure if people will be drawn to this concept; it might be a (6. little / kind of / something / problem) too soft or gentle of an approach. Finally, we could go with some natural landscape. I think that it represents, on a very basic level, the (7. plant / mountain / local / place) that humans inhabit, so for this reason, it might be our best choice. However, I’ll let you give me your input on my (8. graphs / proposals / mailing / wording).


Part 2

Directions: Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the e-mail and to the diagram when necessary.

9. Bruce is sending this e-mail _____.

a. to tell someone about his decision.
b. to present alternatives.
c. to ask someone to design a logo.
d. to choose three options.

10. Bruce seems to favour the _____ option least.

a. animal
b. flower
c. natural landscape
d. tree

11. Bruce works for a _____ organization.

a. profitable
b. environmental
c. environment-related
d. not-for-profit

12. Martha is expected to _____.

a. work on a logo.
b. contribute a logo.
c. make three choices.
d. answer Bruce.

CELPIP Reading Apply a Diagram A Good Logo Answers

1) important
2) use
3) emotional
4) symbol
5) possibility
6) little
7) place
8) proposals
9) b
10) b
11) d
12) d

Answers Explanation

Reading Apply a Diagram “A Good Logo”

1) important: “essential” would also be a correct answer choice if it were spelled correctly.

2) use: In this e-mail, Bruce is discussing the idea of “using” a symbol to represent their organization.

3) emotional: grammatically, “emotional” is the only answer choice that will fit between “strongest” and “reaction”.

4) symbol: In this e-mail, an animal is an example of a “symbol”.

5) possibility: In this sentence, “possibility” means “choice” or “option”. celpipmaterial.

6) little: the word “little” fits grammatically in the expression “a little too soft” or “a little too gentle”.

7) place: humans inhabit (=live in) a place.

8) proposals: “proposals” means “ideas”

9) b: Bruce is writing this e-mail in order to “present some alternatives to Martha”, which means to give Martha various choices.

10) b: In Paragraph 2 of his e-mail, Bruce says that the flower option “might be a little too soft or gentle of an approach”, but he does not say anything negative about the other options, so we can say that he seems to favour the flower option the least.

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