CELPIP Reading Apply a Diagram A Special Birthday Present

CELPIP Reading Apply a Diagram A Special Birthday Present

This Reading Module has 12 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice Celpip Test Reading for Reading Apply a Diagram A Special Birthday Present

Part 1

Directions: Read the e-mail about the diagram. Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the diagram when necessary.

celpip reading diagram Special Birthday PresentA cat is very interactive;
fun to play with
A cat will walk freely around the house; could make a mess
Special Birthday Present duckA bird is not very interactiveA bird will stay in a cage; will not mess up the house
Special Birthday Present hareA rabbit is somewhat interactive; somewhat fun to play withA rabbit could stay in a cage; if so, will probably not mess up the house

Subject: Birthday Present Ideas for Jennifer
To: Marisa (mpatrick@notmail.com)
From: Samantha

Hi Marisa:
Thanks for offering to help pick out a pet for Jennifer’s 10th birthday. Sometimes I think an (1. relative / friend / sister / aunt) is better at picking out a birthday present than a mother.

So I’ve attached some ideas for us to think over. I have three ideas that I think I should be able to (2. afford / care / get / adapt). I just don’t know which of the (3. animal / choice / three / idea) Jennifer would be happiest with though.

If I get her a (4. pet / cat / bird / rabbit), Jennifer might end up getting (5. excited / bored / used / along) with it if it just sits in its cage staring at her, swinging back and forth and possibly chirping. A rabbit or a (6. pet / cat / bird / dogs) would be more playful and interactive for Jennifer, don’t you think? Especially a cat. The thing I like about a bird though, is that I don’t have to worry about it (7. cleaning / disturbing / running / messing) up the house while I’m out. I guess I could also keep the rabbit in some (8. sort / kinds / part / place) of cage.

I’ll phone you later tonight to talk more about this.

Bye for now,

Part 2

Directions: Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the diagram and to the email
when necessary.

9. Jennifer’s birthday is _____.

a. going to be a pet.
b. going to get a pet.
c. coming up.
d. going to be a surprise party.

10. Samantha feels that _____.

a. she may be the best at selecting something.
b. she wants to select something alone.
c. a cat should be in a cage.
d. her sister can help her with something.

11. Marisa and Samantha will _____.

a. choose a rabbit.
b. discuss this topic further.
c. get a pet for Jennifer.
d. get a cage for the pet.

12. Samantha provides a clear advantage and disadvantage of having _____.

a. many pets.
b. a cat.
c. a bird.
d. a rabbit.

CELPIP Reading Apply a Diagram A Special Birthday Present Answers

1) aunt

2) afford

3) three

4) bird

5) bored

6) cat

7) messing

8) sort

9) c

10) d

11) b

12) c

Answers Explanation

Reading Apply a Diagram “A Special Birthday Present”

1. aunt: Because of the article “an” in front of the question, “aunt” is the only possible answer.

2. afford: In this sentence, the only logical answer is afford. Choosing “care” would require the preposition “for” after it. Choosing “get” would mean that Samantha was planning on getting all three kinds of animals, which she is not. Choosing “adapt” would be a wrong vocabulary choice (“adopt” would be correct).

3. three: In this case, “three” is a short form of “three ideas”, “three options”, or “three animals”.

4. bird: A bird is the only animal among the three choices that can swing back and forth and chirp.

5. bored: In this sentence, the message that Samantha is giving is that her daughter could get bored by the bird’s constant staring, swinging, and maybe chirping.

6. cat: “Cat” is the only logical answer choice. “Dogs” could possibly be a correct choice if it were singular, although it does not appear in the diagram as a choice.

7. messing: Because a bird would stay in the cage, it wouldn’t mess up the house like a loose cat or rabbit might.

8. sort: “some sort of cage” = some kind of cage

9. c: “Coming up” means approaching, or coming soon.

10. d: In Paragraph 1 of Samantha’s e-mail to Marisa, Samantha establishes that Marisa is Jennifer’s aunt. From this, we can figure out that Marisa is Samantha’s sister.

11. b: At the end of her e-mail, Samantha tells Marisa that she will phone her later that night to talk more about it.

12. c: In Paragraph 3, Samantha says that a bird may be boring (a disadvantage), but that it would not mess up the house (an advantage).

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