CELPIP Reading Apply a Diagram School Chairs

CELPIP Reading Apply a Diagram School Chairs

This Reading Module has 12 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice Celpip Test Reading for Reading Apply a Diagram School Chairs

Part 1

Directions: Read the e-mail about the diagram. Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the diagram when necessary.

celpip reading school chaircelpip reading school chair not expensivecelpip reading school chair moderately expensive
- Expensive- Not expensive- Moderately Expensive
- Very comfortable- Not so comfortable- Reasonably comfortable
- Easy to clean- Difficult to clean- Easy to clean
- Very heavy- Very light- Not too heavy

Subject: Chairs for Students
To: Geoff
From: Stella

Hi Geoff:
Here, finally, is some information for you regarding school chairs. Sorry it has taken so long to (1. make / compile / collection / consider) the information. Here are three possibilities for now. Feel (2. free / happy / can / suggest) to recommend something else, but this might provide us with some ideas at least.

First of all, let’s keep in mind that we will need a (3. number / quality / total / box) of 150 chairs, and most of them will be (4. used / sat / sit / bought) by the students. The students are here for the whole day, so they should be comfortable. Also, the more durable the construction and (5. chair / fabric / leg / wheel), the better. We should also anticipate spills and other dirt on the chairs, so it might be a good idea to go for something (6. hard / easy / impossible / dirty) to clean. The only thing with that is that what I’ve just described is the more expensive chairs. Do we have such a budget? 150 chairs is a pretty big order. I’ve included a (7. cheaper / more expensive / expensive / chair) alternative, because that might be more within the budget. However, please note that those chairs are hard to clean because of the fabric. Also, they’re not very comfortable to sit on for hours at a time. The casters might also cause students to (8. walk / roll / sit / sleep) around the classrooms too much. It’s too bad, because the price on those is great.

Let’s discuss this purchase at the budget meeting this afternoon.

Thanks Geoff,

Part 2

Directions: Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the diagram and to the email
when necessary.

9. Stella _____.

a. apologizes for something.
b. is a slow person.
c. wants to buy the cheapest chair.
d. does not work at a school.

10. The cheapest chair _____.

a. is the most comfortable.
b. is not within the budget.
c. may cause students to do something.
d. is heavy.

11. Two of the options _____.

a. are easy to clean.
b. are light.
c. are cheaper.
d. can roll.

12. Stella and Geoff _____.

a. have decided on a chair.
b. have an opportunity to discuss the chairs later in the day.
c. are students.
d. both know what the budget for chairs is.

CELPIP Reading Apply a Diagram School Chairs Answers

1. compile
2. free
3. total
4. used
5. fabric
6. easy
7. cheaper
8. roll
9. a
10. c
11. a
12. b

Answers Explanation

Reading Apply a Diagram “School Chairs”

1) compile: “compile” = collect/gather

2) free: “Feel free” means to do something without hesitation.

3) total: The school will need a total of 150 chairs, or 150 chairs in total.

4) used: The students will use most of the chairs on a daily basis.

5) fabric: Stella is explaining that the construction and the fabric of the chairs should be strong.

6) easy: Stella expresses that chairs that are easy to clean would be better, since they will get quite dirty.

7) cheaper: a cheaper alternative (=choice) would be more within budget (=affordable).

8) roll: “Casters” are wheels or rollers (shown in the diagram on the middle chair).

9) a: In the second sentence of her e-mail, Stella apologizes.

10) c: Near the end of her e-mail, Stella says that the cheaper chairs may cause students to roll.

11) a: The diagram shows that two of the chairs are easy to clean.

12) b: In the last sentence of her e-mail to Geoff, Stella says “Let’s discuss this purchase at the budget meeting this afternoon.”

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