CELPIP Reading Correspondence A Job Transfer

Reading Correspondence A Job Transfer

This Reading Module has 12 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice Celpip Reading Correspondence A Job Transfer.

Part 1

Directions: Read the following letter.

Dear Matthew and Carole:

I have been so busy for the past few weeks, and now I finally have a chance to sit down and tell you what’s been happening in our lives.

I got a transfer to Montreal a few months ago, and have been here since. I’ve been so busy working that I haven’t even had time to buy a house, and am just staying with friends until things slow down at work for me. I think I’ll probably end up buying something as soon as I get a chance. Real estate prices are still pretty reasonable in Montreal, and I expect to be staying here for at least five years.

Meanwhile, Brenda is still in Halifax with the kids. Even though she’s only four months pregnant, she’s decided to quit working and stay home until the baby’s born. So now she’s busy staying home taking care of the family until they move out here. Hopefully things will have slowed down for me at work, so I’ll be able to spend time with the family, and to look for a house of course.

By the way, do you remember Leonard, the sales manager in the Montreal office? I’m working with him now. He says that when he worked with both of you here, you frequented a restaurant called Old Napoli, just a block or two from the office. He told me to tell you that it has closed for some reason. I wish that I’d had a chance to try it out. Leonard said that they made pretty amazing spaghetti and pizza there.

Anyway, I guess I should get back to work here. I’m glad I had a chance to finally drop you a line, and I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to. Take care, and talk to you again soon.

Your friend,

Part 2

Directions: Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the above letter.

1. Brian and Brenda are _____.

a. in the same city.
b. in different cities.
c. in Montreal.
d. in Halifax.

2. Brian is too busy to _____.

a. sit down.
b. work.
c. buy a house.
d. rent a house.

3. Brian _____.

a. has bought a house.
b. has rented an apartment.
c. is living with other people.
d. has stopped buying something.

4. According to Brian, housing prices in Montreal are _____.

a. too low.
b. too high.
c. the reason he moved to Montreal.
d. not too high.

5. Brian is _____.

a. confident that he will stay in Montreal for many years.
b. completely uncertain as to how long he will be in Montreal.
c. planning to stay in Montreal for less than three years.
d. planning to leave Montreal in less than three years.

6. Brenda is busy _____.

a. working.
b. with the children.
c. moving to Montreal.
d. moving out.

7. Leonard has worked with _____.

a. Brian only.
b. Matthew only.
c. Matthew and Carole only.
d. Brian, Matthew, and Carole.

8. Old Napoli _____.

a. is a restaurant.
b. has gone out of business.
c. makes good spaghetti and pizza.
d. is closed today.

Part 3

Directions: Read the response to the above letter. Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence,
referring to the above letter when necessary.

Hello Brian:

Nice to hear from you! I’m not surprised that you haven’t had time to ( 9. see Brenda / get a house / find temporary accommodations / work) . We’ve
always known you to be pretty industrious!

One thing I am surprised at, ( 10. though / but / something / be honest) , is your news about the restaurant. I’ve never had ( 11. some / that / such /  very) great Italian food. I have no idea why they might have closed.

Well, Matthew and I wish you and the family all the best in Montreal. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just ( 12. more / same / as much as / as great as) we did.


Reading Correspondence A Job Transfer Answers

1) b

2) c

3) c

4) d

5) a

6) b

7) d

8) b

9) get a house

10) though (=but)

11) such

12) as much as

Answers Explanation

Reading for Correspondence “A Job Transfer”

1) b: According to Brian’s letter, he is in Montreal, and Brenda is in Halifax.

2) c: “too busy to~” means that we have no time for something (e.g. “I’m too busy to play” means that I cannot play, because I am too busy).

3) c: In Paragraph 2 of his letter, Brian says that he is “staying with friends”.

4) d: In Paragraph 2 of his letter, Brian says that the real estate prices (=house prices) in Montreal are “pretty reasonable” (=not too high).

5) a: In the last sentence of Paragraph 2, Brian says that he “…expect(s) to be staying (in Montreal) for at least five years.”

6) b: In Paragraph 3 of his letter, Brian says that Brenda is “busy…taking care of the family.” celpipmaterial.com

7) d: In Paragraph 4, Brian says that he is working with Leonard now. In the next sentence he says “… when (Leonard) worked with both of you…”

8) b: In Paragraph 4, “…it has closed for some reason” means that it has gone out of business. Therefore, it is not a restaurant anymore, and it does not make good spaghetti and pizza anymore.

9) get a house: Paragraph 2 of Brian’s letter indicate that he has not had time to get a house.

10) though (=but): In Matthew’s response to Brian’s letter, Matthew is not surprised that Brian has not had time to get a house, but he is surprised that Old Napoli has gone out of business.

11) such: Grammatically, “such” is the only word that will fit in this sentence.

12) as much as : Grammatically, “as much as” is the only expression that will fit in this sentence.

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