CELPIP Reading Correspondence Wedding Day

Reading Correspondence Wedding Day

This Reading Module has 11 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice CELPIP Reading Correspondence Wedding Day

Part 1

Directions: Read the letter.

Dear Mom and Dad,

How do I put into words what my wedding day meant to me and the enormous gratitude I have for everything you did! For so long, I dreamt of the day when Aiden and I would say ―I do and then you made my dream come true. Your support, financially and emotionally, has always been there for me.

I have so many fond memories of all of us working together for the wedding. I will always remember how you focused on what Aiden and I wanted. There were fun times, silly times, hard work times and times of pure joy – and you were always there for me.

Mom, shopping with you for dresses was so special – where did you get all your patience and energy! Dad, I‘ll always remember what you said to me before we walked down the aisle. And there are a hundred more memories, all because of you two. celpipmaterial.com

Our wedding day was an unbelievable celebration with my family and friends. What memories I will always have!

Thank you for the wedding and reception, and thank you for the washer and dryer you gave us. Laundromat days are over – hooray – because of your very generous and practical gift.

I love you and adore you for everything you did for October 29, 2011. Most of all, thank you for being the extraordinary example of how rich and full married life can be. Your marriage has been a rock in my life and I will work hard to create a marriage as wonderful as the one I have witnessed under your roof.


Part 2

Directions: Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the above letter. celpipmaterial.com

Q1. Mandy’s parents supported her

a. in her worst times
b. psychologically and economically
c. in paying fiscal
d. to compensate and adore

Q2. Aiden is

a. Mandy’s helpmate
b. Mandy’s real sister
c. Mandy’s very close friend
d. always patience and energetic

Q3. Mandy went for shopping

a. with her fiancé
b. with Aiden
c. with her cousin
d. with her mother

Q4. Mandy received

a. a roof and some money
b. a beautiful dress
c. a washer and a dryer
d. a hundred memories

Q5. The wedding was on

a. the 29th day of the 10th month
b. the last day of the month
c. a silly time
d. very pleasant day

Q6. Mandy’s parents

a. are financially very well settled
b. filled her life with happiness
c. put the best example of a happy married life.
d. didn’t like Aiden

Part 3

Dear Mandy,

All we ever wanted was a daughter and how lucky we are to get you. You have brought so much (Q7) _________ to our lives. You made our family complete, and we can‘t wait until you experience this (Q8) _________ . We are proud of everything you have accomplished in your life and the woman you have become. We pray for your everyday happiness with days filled with hope and possibilities as you and Aiden discover (Q9) _________ .

Just remember, a happy marriage is built on (Q10)_________ of dependence on each other. Focus on what is strong in your marriage, not on what is wrong. A happy marriage is a willingness to live with things you can‘t change.

Mandy, when you trust each other and live these promises, I guarantee your marriage will be (Q11) _________ . We love you and cannot wait to see this next chapter of your life unfold.

Best wishes,
Mom and Dad


a. happiness and love
b. bad times and difficulties
c. financial problems
d. gifts of your wedding day


a. with your friends and coworkers
b. with your new parents
c. with Aiden and his sister
d. with a family of your own


a. the harsh life
b. the joys of marriage
c. a new experiment
d. a new place to visit


a. trust and a balance
b. mutual understanding
c. imagination
d. the roof of memories


a. a disgrace for both the families
b. dreadful relation amongst all
c. red hot just like ours
d. unacceptable to the society.

CELPIP Reading Correspondence Wedding Day Answers

1. B (financially and emotionally, para 1 last line)

2. A (when Aiden and I would say ―I doǁ, para 1 line 4)

3. D (Mom, shopping with you for dresses was so special, para 3 line 1)

4. C (para 4 line 4)

5. A (para 5 line 2)

6. C (para 5 line 3)

7. A

8. D

9. B

10. A

11. C

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