CELPIP Reading Diagram Fitness Club

CELPIP Reading Diagram Fitness Club

This Reading Module has 8 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice Celpip Test Reading Apply a Diagram Fitness Club.

Part 1

Directions: Read the following advertisement. Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the ad when necessary.

Fitness Club

fitness club celpip reading to apply a diagram

Part 2

To: Parry Smith <smith.parry@gmc.com>
Kenn Mearson katmearson122@fdm.com

Subject – Conversation regarding Fitness club

Hey Parry,

I just had a conversation with the YMCA general secretary Mr. Lobson regarding the monthly and yearlong membership schedule. He offered me the finest prices but I suppose the annual rates are (Q1)_______, therefore, there’s no extra concession on the yearly membership. Moreover, it’s not in the budget even. The package includes one-time processing cost on all fresh memberships with a precondition that the annual cost (Q2)_______ up till the termination of the ongoing month. But if we choose (Q3)_______, then it would cost around $42 individually but for a couple it is $60 only. Isn’t it a deal to steal!? John can be easily adjusted under $90 for a yearly package, although (Q4)_______. Solely, the problem arises for Jonathan, we need to pay an extra $22 every month as she is now stepped into the (Q5)_______. But no worries, we’d manage it easily. celpipmaterial.com

I was thinking why we don‘t ask Grandy and his wife to join along. Isn’t it the perfect place to know each other well?

Eagerly waiting for your reply,


a. calculated on the number of days of enrollment
b. just the double of six months fare
c. possibly much higher than other centres
d. maximum for the senior couple

a. may contain the allocated amount
b. is for all the age groups
c. is $55 for 1 adult + children
d. varies according to the months

a. the yearly package
b. the six months package
c. the monthly package
d. two year package

a. it’s just for 12 weeks
b. the fees is not very much costly
c. adults have to pay $42 monthly
d. membership payment options are categorized differently

a. senior couple category.
b. annual membership rate
c. members of the YMCA.
d. stage of womanhood. celpipmaterial.com

PART 3 –

Q6. What is the relation between Parry and Kenn?

a. Both are family members.
b. They are very good childhood friends.
c. They are employees working in the same sector.
d. They are neighbors.

Q7. What is YMCA according to the text?

a. a place to hang out with friends
b. a fitness zone
c. an alluring tourist spot
d. a religious place

Q8. Grandy is

a. a good friend of Kenn
b. the name of the Gen. Secretary
c. not an extrovert person
d. their new neighbors

CELPIP Reading Diagram Fitness Club Answers

1. B( 3rd and 4th column, line 1)

2. A(last 2 lines at the bottom)

3. C(2nd column 4th category)

4. A(8th category)

5. D(9th category column 1 and 2)

6. A( we, last lines in written text)

7. B( last lines in written text)

8. D( last lines in written text)

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