CELPIP Reading Diagram Knights Brook Membership

CELPIP Reading Diagram Knights Brook Membership

This Reading Module has 8 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice Celpip Test Reading Apply a Diagram Knights Brook Membership

Part 1

Directions: Read the following advertisement. Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the ad when necessary.

knightsbook membership celpip reading diagram by celpipmaterial

Knights Brook Membership

Subject:- Knights Brook Membership
details To:- Liza Peterson
<liz.p.ll@federson.com> From:- Harvard Grand
<Hotel_KnightsBrook@gmc.com> celpipmaterial.com
Hi Liza,

Your membership detail catalogue is attached herewith!

In the seminar, you told us that you are organizing a trip to Wellington after a week and seemed inquisitive about the resort. However, it’s a compulsion that the amount has to be paid (Q1)__________, but after a conversation with the Managing Director, I have managed to furnish you with a chance to make half of the payment later.

The prime option for you is to (Q2)___________, as Mr. Peterson would be accompanying you along. It will cost around €87 and if you desire to visit solo and that too, for six months period, (Q3)___________ it will amount to €305 individually. Unfortunately, the off peak duration is from 9 am to 6 pm in the evening, so it’s going to be a complicated duty to provide you (Q4)___________, if you both are working.

We hope that you (Q5)___________ and leave a satisfied feedback. celpipmaterial.com

Team Knights Brook.


a. through debit card only
b. according to the discounted rate
c. for two months in advance.
d. for the child below 15 years.


a. select the couple membership
b. choose the resort
c. book the hotel online
d. pay the money through cheque


a. students requires an ID proof
b. family membership would be the best
c. direct debit will not be available
d. you could go for the single package

Q4. celpipmaterial.com

a. with the off peak rate.
b. the annual subscription.
c. the opportunity to visit Wellington.
d. 3 month single package.


a. mitigate the problems very soon
b. enjoy your official visit
c. reach the destination on time
d. pay the full amount today


Q6. Grand is

a. not interested to go for a trip.
b. is the Senior Marketing Manager of the KnightsBrook
c. very eagerly waiting for Liza.
d. of no good to talk with.

Q7. What is the relation between Liza and Grand?

a. Client and a representative
b. Both reside in the same city it
c. Are of the similar age-groups
d. there is no such relation

Q8. Why did Grand send an email to Peterson?

a. he was publishing an advertisement of the resort
b. Patterson wants to acquire knowledge about everything
c. he sent it by mistake.
d. she was interested in taking up the membership

CELPIP Reading Task 2 Diagram Knights Brook Membership Answers

1. C (lines at the bottom)

2. A (1st column 2nd category)

3. D (2nd column 2nd last category) celpipmaterial.com

4. A (1st column 6th category)

5. B (para1 line 1)

celpipmaterial.com 6. B

7. A (para 1)

8. D (para1 line 2)

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