CELPIP Reading for Information Conversation with Canadians

CELPIP Reading for Information Conversation with Canadians

This Reading Module has 9 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice Celpip Test Reading for Information “Conversation with Canadians” with answers. celpipmaterial.com

Time: 10 minutes

Part 1

Directions: Read the following information passage.

A. Good topics of conversation are: work, studies, the weather (a good opener), one‘s house, vacations, sports (especially hockey, American football, baseball, water sports and, increasingly, soccer/football) and other leisure activities. Generally, Canadians are not comfortable talking about salaries or personal finances and tend to steer away from discussing emotions. Asking questions about marriage or children can be interpreted as too personal by some.

B. Appropriate topics of discussion will depend a lot on the crowd. Most Canadians know something about local or national politics, but many do not concern themselves with such issues. In any case, you will hear Canadians complain about politics and politicians but they are also very sensitive to how they are perceived by outsiders, so it is best to refrain from criticizing. Many Canadians have travelled abroad and have differing degrees of exposure to the ways of other countries. The more they have travelled, the more curious they are likely to be about the perceptions of foreigners; I would not recommend making this a main topic of conversation, however.

C. Canadians are often very proud of their natural surroundings, Canadian weather and their heartiness with respect to enduring the weather. Canadian musicians, writers, film producers and actors (comedians especially) are also a great source of pride. Men in particular are proud of Canadian beer and hockey, although women are increasingly a part of this sub-culture. Virtually all Canadians are eager to distinguish themselves from Americans.

D. The best way to impress most Canadians is to show what you have noticed is different from the United States, as there is a great deal of sensitivity and concern about being lumped in with our powerful neighbour. Most Canadians see themselves as humbler, funnier, more tolerant and/or less aggressive than Americans. I would not recommend overly criticizing the US, however. Canada depends on its neighbour and has strong cultural and historical ties. Many Canadians have relatives who live in the US.

E. Not in any of the paragraphs

Part 2


1. Physical activities, meteorology and beverages have been the favorite amongst different genders.

A      B      C      D      E

2. Discussions on remuneration is least liked by the inhabitants, discovering a moment to abscond.

A      B      C      D      E

3. Canadians’ persist an extrovert personality very much alike to the Americans.

A      B      C      D      E

4. Status-conscious dwellers abstain from indicating the faults of the leaders.

A      B      C      D      E

5. The temperament differs between the two adjoining realm’s denizens, however, both are contingent on each other.

A      B      C      D      E

6. Canadians have attained a colossal amount of cognizance about various homelands.

A      B      C      D      E

7. Almost all métiers are country’s dignity, primarily humorists.

A      B      C      D      E

8. Numerous Canadian’s kinsfolk have resided in adjacent suburbs.

A      B      C      D      E

9. Each and every citizen is familiar with the legislative protocols of the country.

A      B      C      D      E

CELPIP Reading for Information Conversation with Canadians Answers

1. C (para 3, lines 2 and 6)

2. A (para 1, line 6)

3. E

4. B (para 2, line 8)

5. D (para 4, last 3 lines)

6. B (para 2, line 9)

7. C (para 3, line 5)

8. D (para 4, last line)

9. E

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