CELPIP Reading for Viewpoints Our New Website

CELPIP Reading for Viewpoints Our New Website

This Reading Module has 12 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice Celpip Test Reading for Reading for Viewpoints Our New Website

Part 1

Directions: Read the following text from an Internet website homepage.

Welcome to www.silvergobi.com, home of some of the world’s most exotic silver jewelry! We bring you the finest silver jewelry from around the world, including such faraway places as Bali, Thailand, and India. We import only the best quality, so that you, our customer, will be more than satisfied with your purchase. Your satisfaction with our products is guaranteed by our noquestions-asked return policy.

Thank you for visiting our new and improved website. We have just updated it, in order to give you a better experience navigating the various pages. Following are some key changes that we have made to our website, partially based on visitor feedback. Such feedback is vital to our company, as such input helps us to grow and improve. It helps us to provide you with a better shopping experience. We really appreciate and value comments from all our visitors. Your opinions are valued!

Some of our website shoppers were of the opinion that our website lacked visual appeal. As a result, we have made some changes to the visual aspect of our site. We have modified the homepage, so that there is not as much information on it as before. Instead of putting so much on one page, we have provided links for our site visitors. Now, you will notice a cleaner, visually more appealing homepage, with links to other pages and topics. The links are located at the bottom right of the homepage.

Another modification to our website is fonts and font sizes. Again, several visitors indicated that legibility was lacking, so we decided to stop using a cursive font. We are now limiting the fonts to non-cursive, and font size will be a minimum of 12 points. This will make the information on our web pages easier to read. Having a larger font size will definitely contribute towards better readability for all our visitors. You will now notice that all descriptions, as well as the prices, will be much easier to read.

Once again, we would like to thank all the visitors to our site who gave us their constructive feedback. It was invaluable in allowing us to make much needed improvements. We hope that the changes will allow site visitors to have a better site navigation experience. Our goal is to always welcome our visitors to our website with a comfortable, enjoyable experience. As always, we continue to welcome your comments, even on our new and improved website. We will always endeavour to improve ourselves for the benefit of you, our valuable customers.

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Part 2

Directions: Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the text when necessary.

1. The website _____.

a. was changed recently.
b. is being updated for a better navigation experience.
c. is visited by many experienced navigators.
d. is navigated with various pages.

2. Visitors to the website _____.

a. played the only part in the changes.
b. can give partial feedback.
c. gave their opinions.
d. want some key changes to be made to the website.

3. On the new homepage, _____.

a. there was very little information.
b. there is more information than before.
c. there are plans to modify something.
d. you can click on something.

4. The fonts and sizes were changed because _____.

a. they were legible.
b. they were not easy to read.
c. there was a lack of reading.
d. the legibility was too high.

5. The fonts _____.

a. were too limited.
b. will have cursive limits.
c. are not smaller than before.
d. will be minimal in size.

6. The links _____.

a. are in the right location.
b. are under the homepage.
c. are near the bottom right of the homepage.
d. contribute to a better experience.

7. The changes to the website _____. celpipmaterial.com

a. have yet to be made.
b. are being made.
c. have made updates.
d. have been made.

8. According to the text, the company does its utmost to _____.

a. sell silver jewelry.
b. improve the customers.
c. improve itself.
d. endeavour itself

Part 3

Directions: : Read someone’s comment about the above text. Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the above text when necessary.

I am quite happy with the modifications that you have made to your website. I have been (9. purchase / purchased / bought / buying) jewelry from your website for the past three years. I can tell you that I have been completely satisfied with my purchases. And your return (10. law / regulate / policy / rules) is exceptional. You even cover the shipping and handling on returns! (11. Regard / Regarding / Talking of / In term of) your new website, I am quite happy as I mentioned. However, the font size still seems to be a bit (12. big / small / readable / legible) for my eyes. Then again, it might just be me. I might need a new pair of reading glasses.

CELPIP Reading for Viewpoints Our New Website Answers

1) a
2) c
3) d
4) b
5) c
6) d
7) d
8) c
9) buying
10) policy
11) Regarding
12) small

Answers Explanation

1) a: The second sentence of Paragraph 2 says that “We have just updated (the website)”, which means that it was just changed recently.

2) c: The third sentence of Paragraph 2 says that some changes were made “…partially based on visitor feedback”, which means that the visitors have already given their feedback.

3) d: Paragraph 3 discusses links (which is something you can click on).

4) b: Paragraph 4 says that fonts and font sizes were changed because “legibility was lacking”, (=not easy to read). It also mentions that the minimum font size will now be 12 points, indicating that the previous font size was too small (=not easy to read).

5) c: Paragraph 4 says that “font size will be a minimum of 12 points”, which means that the font size will be bigger than before (=not smaller than before).

6) d: Paragraph 3 says that visitors will notice “a cleaner, more visually appealing homepage” (thanks to the newly-added links).

7) d: Paragraph 2 says that the website has been updated, so the changes have already been made.

8) c: The last sentence of the last paragraph says that “we will always endeavor to improve ourselves.”

9) buying: Grammatically, “I have been buying jewelry” is correct. “I have been purchasing jewelry” would also be correct, but “purchasing is not an answer choice.

10) policy: A “return policy” is a return “rule” (but not “rules”).

11) Regarding: “Regarding” has the meaning of “about”.

12) small: The writer of this comment is saying that the writing still seems small for her eyes.

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