CELPIP Speaking Describe A Scene – Bathroom

CELPIP Speaking Describe A Scene – Bathroom

Describe this scene.

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds

celpip speaking describe a scene bathrrom scene


In this question, you simply need to describe what you see in the picture. Pretend you are describing it to someone who has never seen it before. Here is a guide to help you describe the location of the objects in the picture.

describe a scene tips celpip

Vocabulary To Use:

Plumber (person who fixes pipes, toilets, sinks, etc.) Overalls
Perplexed (confused) Sink
Mirror Shower Mud Floor mat
Crooked (not straight) Spider
Broken pipe Water leak
Web Mouse Drain
Cat Picture
Soap dispenser Toilet

CELPIP Speaking Describe a Scene Bathroom – Sample Answer

This is a picture of a really messy bathroom. In the middle of the picture, there is a plumber staring at a broken pipe. He looks perplexed. He is holding a wrench in his hand and trying to figure out how to fix the water leak. He is wearing blue overalls, a red work shirt, brown boots, and a red hat. On the left side of the picture, there is a dirty sink and a broken mirror. In the lower left corner there is a muddy floor mat. In fact, there is mud all over the floor and walls. Next to the floor mat, there is a blue soap dispenser. In the upper right corner, there is a crooked picture on the wall and a spider hanging down from its web. Below the picture, there is a cat standing on the toilet. Behind the toilet, there is a hole in the wall with a mouse in it. To the right of the hole is a drain. Anyway, I hope I’ve provided a good description of the scene!

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