CELPIP Speaking Describe a Scene Pub

CELPIP Speaking Describe a Scene Pub

Describe this scene.

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds

celpip speaking task 3 describe a scene party


When you answer this question, you should use present continuous verbs (is playing, is serving, is talking). Vocabulary is important in this picture. Do you know which card game the men are playing? If you don’t know, you can just say, “The men are playing a card game.” But it’s better to know the specific names of these activities.

In this picture, there is no distinct foreground and background. You should talk about where things are in relation to other things (behind the pool table, above the door, in front of the bar). Also, there is nothing really happening in the corners of the picture. Basically, there is just a left side and a right side. Instead of saying that the lights are on the top of the picture, it would be better to say that the lights are hanging from the ceiling. celpipmaterial.com

Vocabulary To Use:

Bar stool
Wooden floorboards
Pool table
Bar (counter)
Mic (microphone)
Exit sign

CELPIP Speaking Describe a Scene Pub

This scene is the inside of a pub. On the left side of the picture, there are three men sitting around a table playing poker. There are poker chips and a bottle of wine on the table. Each man is holding cards. Behind the table is a bar with three bar stools. A man and a woman are sitting at the bar enjoying a few drinks.

There is a bartender behind the bar serving the drinks. Behind the bartender, there are several shelves full of bottles. On the right side of the picture, there are two men playing pool. Behind the pool table, there is a guy playing guitar and singing into a mic. On the wall behind him, there are several paintings.

In the back corner of the room, there is a door with an exit sign above it. In the centre of the floor, there is a large pink rug. The entire floor of the pub is made of long wooden floorboards. celpipmaterial.com

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