CELPIP Speaking Describe a Scene Waterslide

CELPIP Speaking Describe a Scene Waterslide

Describe this scene.

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds

celpip speaking describe a scene waterslide


When you answer this question on the test, remember to say what the overall scene is first. Then, talk about the things you know. For example, if you don’t know the word “diving board” don’t start on the left side of the picture. Start with something easier like the boys playing in the swimming pool.

Remember to use “ing” words when describing things in this picture (playing, swimming, sunbathing).

Vocabulary To Use:

Swimming pool Desert
Sand dune (sand hills) Beach
Keeping watch (ensuring safety)
Beach umbrella Palm trees Bushes
Pool chair (beach chair) Sunbathing
Puffy (fluffy)
Diving board Lifeguard Waterslide

CELPIP Speaking Describe a Scene Waterslide

This is a picture of a swimming pool in the middle of the desert. There are sand dunes around the pool with several palm trees and bushes. In the background, there is a blue sky with several white puffy clouds. There are two waterslides with some kids going down one of the slides. Below the waterslides, two boys are playing with a ball. On the left side of the picture, there are two diving boards. A big guy is on the high diving board and a boy is on the lower one. Between the diving boards and the waterslides, there’s a lifeguarding keeping watch over the kids. In the lower right corner, there are two women sunbathing on light blue pool chairs. Alright, that’s what I can see in the picture. celpipmaterial.com

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