CELPIP Speaking Describe A Scene Zoo

CELPIP Speaking Describe A Scene Zoo

Describe this scene.

celpip speaking describe a scene zoo

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds


In this question, take a careful look at the picture. Make sure you understand what is happening in the scene because this picture will be used for this question and the next question! Personally, I wouldn’t take any notes for task 3 and 4. The picture itself is your notes. But everybody is different. Maybe notes would help you.

Remember to use terms like “right side” and “left side”. The words “foreground” and “background” are also good, but some pictures don’t have a foreground and background. For example, the picture of the bathroom with the plumber didn’t have a foreground or background. This picture of the zoo has a background but not really a foreground. If you use the word foreground here, that’s okay, but it’s better not to use those words unless there is a clear distinction between the background and the foreground. In this picture, the sky and clouds are clearly behind the zoo. But what is in the foreground? The zoo? The girl using a smartphone? Personally, I wouldn’t use “foreground” in this example.

Vocabulary To Use:

Smartphone (or cellphone)
Palm trees

Holding hands
Perched (sitting on something high or narrow)
Popsicle (or ice cream)
Runs down (goes along)

CELPIP Speaking Describe a Scene Birthday Party – Sample Answer

This picture shows the entrance of a zoo. There is a large stone archway in the centre of the picture with a sign on it that says “zoo”. There is a monkey perched on top of the sign. On each side of the archway, there are some palm trees and bushes. A wide stone path runs down the middle of the picture.

There are several people and animals in this picture. On the left side of the picture, there is a monkey in a cage who is stealing a girl’s popsicle. Also, there is a mother holding her son’s hand. On the right side of the picture, there is an ostrich in a cage. A dog is trying to attack the ostrich, but its owner is holding it back on its leash. In the middle of the picture, a woman is walking and looking at her smartphone. In the background of the picture, there is a blue sky and some puffy white clouds and several beach umbrellas.

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