CELPIP Speaking Make Predictions Christmas

CELPIP Speaking Make Predictions Christmas

Make Predictions About This Scene.

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds

celpip speaking describe a scene christmas


In this picture, you should use your imagination. What will the grandma do next? She might fill the stockings with candy. She might call the kids inside for some fresh apple pie. She might start knitting some mittens for her grandkids.

Vocabulary To Use:

Snowball fight (throw snowballs)
Deep freeze (large horizontal freezer)
Set up
Turn up (increase heat)
Knock over (make fall)
Basement (part of house underground)

CELPIP Making Predictions Forest – Sample Answer

In this picture, there are several things I think will happen next. The cat is going to knock over the Christmas tree. The grandma will quickly chase the cat out of the house and start setting up the tree again. After she is finished doing that, she will close the window because it’s cold outside. Then she will turn up the fireplace and start knitting near the fire to stay warm.

The kids will start a snowball fight when they finish making the snowman. After a while, the grandma will pull a fresh apple pie out of the oven and call the kids inside to eat it. She’ll go into the basement and get a pail of vanilla ice cream from the deep freeze to go along with the pie. The kids are going to love it. That’s what I think will happen in this picture.


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