CELPIP Speaking Make Predictions Forest

CELPIP Speaking Make Predictions Forest

Make Predictions About This Scene.

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds

celpip speaking describe a scene forest


In this picture, the most natural predictions involve the animals. What are they going to do next? Just keep things simple. CELPIPMaterial.com

Vocabulary To Use:

Retaliate (get revenge)
Gnaw (chew)
Nightfall (when darkness comes)
Out of sight (can’t see it anymore)
Munch (eat)
Dam (beaver’s house)
Cut down

CELPIP Making Predictions Forest – Sample Answer

In this scene, there are several things I think will happen next. The bear will keep munching on the berries, but the skunk will get scared and spray the bear. The bear will retaliate and kill the skunk. The beaver will start gnawing on the tree trunk and try to cut the tree down because it wants to build a dam. CELPIPMaterial.com

The duck will keep swimming toward the left side of the picture until it is out of sight. The deer will get scared by the wolves and run away. The wolves will probably keep howling until nightfall and then go hunting. Alright, those are some things I think will happen next in this scene.

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