CELPIP Speaking Make Predictions House on Fire

CELPIP Speaking Make Predictions House on Fire

Make Predictions About This Scene.

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds

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Just keep your predictions simple and natural. In this scene, there are some obvious predictions. If you run out of things to say, you might need to get creative. It’s okay to make crazy predictions, but try to keep them relevant to the picture. CELPIPMaterial.com

Vocabulary To Use:

Two-story (two floors)
Safe and sound (safe and unharmed)
Put out (extinguish)
Siren (flashing red light and sound)
Cab (inside front part of truck)
Unfold (develop)

CELPIP Making Predictions House on Fire – Sample Answer

There are a few things that will definitely happen next in this scene. The fireman on the ground will finish connecting the hose to the fire hydrant and then start spraying water on the fire. It might take him a while, but I think in the end he’ll put it out. Then he might run into the house and see if there are any people inside. The fireman on the ladder will climb to the roof of the house and save the guy who’s in danger. The guy can’t jump down because it’s a two-story house and he’ll break his legs if he does. After saving the guy, the fireman will climb into the cab of the fire truck and turn off the siren. The kids will probably come closer to the house and watch the scene unfold. In the end, everyone will be safe and sound. CELPIPMaterial.com

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