CELPIP Speaking Make Predictions Party at Pub

CELPIP Speaking Make Predictions Party at Pub

Make Predictions About This Scene.

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds

celpip speaking task 3 describe a scene party


When I practice task 4 with my students, I find that their predictions often don’t involve enough change. For example, they might say, “I think the men will keep playing pool. The men playing poker will keep playing poker.
The man who is singing will keep singing.” This kind of answer is a little bit boring. You should make interesting predictions! Try to think of things that will change in this picture.

When you read my answer to this question, notice how many times I use the word “guy”. Native English speakers use this word much more than “man” in normal speech.  CELPIPMaterial.com

Vocabulary To Use:

Guy (man)
Bar fight
Goatee (beard on chin only)
Cold (heartless)
Hitting on (flirting with)
Hammered (drunk)

Sink balls (shoot balls into the pockets)
Reject (not receive)
Pool cue (stick)
Break out (start unpredictably)
Cope (deal with a situation)

CELPIP Making Predictions Party at Pub – Sample Answer

I think several things are going to happen in the next few minutes. One of the guys playing poker is going to lose all his chips. He’ll get bored sitting at the table and start playing pool with the other guys. The guy with the beard is going to sink a few balls and win the game. The guy with the goatee is going to get really mad and hit the other guy with his cue. The guy playing guitar is going to get thirsty and order a beer from the bar. The guy sitting at the bar is going to start hitting on the girl, but she’s going to coldly reject him.

He’s going to cope with his depression by getting hammered. In the end, I think a huge bar fight will break out and the bartender will call the police. Anyway, those are some of my predictions in this scene. CELPIPMaterial.com

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