CELPIP Speaking Make Predictions Zoo

CELPIP Speaking Make Predictions Zoo

Make Predictions About This Scene.

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds

celpip speaking describe a scene zoo


Remember, when you make predictions, you should use the simple future tense (will or is going to). Also, I don’t think it’s necessary to take notes for this task. Just think of several things that will happen in the scene. Maybe your prediction will include things that are not currently visible in the scene. For example, a zookeeper might appear and try to catch the monkey. The mother might take a camera out of her handbag and start taking pictures. 🙂

Vocabulary To Use:

Yelling (shouting)
Zoo keeper
(take a few pictures)
Snap a few shots
Incident (something that happened)

CELPIP Making Predictions Zoo – Sample Answer

It looks like several things are about to happen in this picture. I think the girl on the left will start crying because the monkey stole her popsicle. Fortunately, the woman in the bottom left corner will see the incident and buy the girl another one to make her happy. The woman holding her son’s hand will take a camera out of her handbag and snap a few shots of her son beside the monkey cage. The woman in the centre of the picture will keep walking and texting her boyfriend.

The dog will start barking at the ostrich, and the man will start yelling at his dog to be quiet. A zookeeper will come and catch the monkey that has escaped from its cage. Alright, those are some things that I think will happen next.


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