CELPIP Speaking Opinion Home-school Children

CELPIP Speaking Opinion – Home-school Children

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Many parents are choosing to home-school their children because they have lost faith in the education system. Should the government make it mandatory for children to attend a normal school? celpipmaterial.com

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 90 seconds


I think it’s a good idea to practice arguing for both sides. Try answering this question twice and take different sides each time.

Should be mandatory
1. The government can ensure quality
2. Students will have easier entry to college
3. Many employers require a high school diploma

Should not be mandatory
1. Kids will become more creative
2. Kids will learn to be independent
3. Parents can choose which values to teach celpipmaterial.com


Retain (keep)
Junior high (grade 7,8,9)
Bullying Squashed (killed)
Jaded (tired, bored)
Peer pressure (pressure to conform)

CELPIP Speaking Opinion – Home-school Children

In my opinion, governments should not make it mandatory for children to attend normal school. There are several reasons why I believe this. Firstly, kids often get jaded with the school system by the time they reach junior high. If they are home-schooled, they retain their love for learning. celpipmaterial.com

Often kids face bullying in junior high and high school if they are different in some way. This doesn’t happen in homeschooling because the kids just learn at home! I think it’s good if children’s uniqueness can be encouraged instead of squashed by peer pressure. A lot of people say that kids who are home-schooled end up lacking good social skills. In my experience, this isn’t true at all. My nephews and nieces are home-schooled, and they have lots of friends! Actually, they seem to participate in society even more than normal students do. I think the biggest reason why parents choose to home-school their kids is so that they can teach their kids certain values. I’ve met many homeschooling parents who didn’t want their kids learning about sex education in school. A lot of homeschooling families are religious, so it makes sense that they might want their children to grow up with similar values as they had. I think that right should be respected. People should have the freedom to raise their family however they like. celpipmaterial.com

Anyway, those are just a few reasons why I think governments should keep allowing homeschooling.

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