CELPIP Writing Test Format and Scoring

CELPIP Writing Test Format and Scoring

CELPIP writing section is excellently designed to test candidates’ writing abilities. This section is having six different parts and one practice test. Candidates have around 6 minutes to listen and answer to each part and the passage is played just once. You must listen to each passage very carefully as you can’t replay the passage. The number of questions vary for each part.

Time Duration: 60 Minutes

In all, there are 38 questions in this section.
There is one Practice Task and six-part as follows:

Part 1: Writing an Email | 150-200Words | 30 Minutes

Write an email regarding day-to-day matters

Part 2: Responding to an opinion survey | 150-200Words | 30 Minutes

Responding to a survey question regarding workplace matters and justify your choice. celpipmaterial.com

CELPIP Writing Tasks Details

  • You will have thirty minutes to complete each task. If you finish the first task early and move on to the second task, you will still have a maximum of thirty minutes to complete Task 2.
  • In other words, you cannot carry extra time from Task 1 over to Task 2.
  • Spend about five minutes thinking about and planning each response; you can use the scrap paper and pencil to help with this.
  • Plan what you want to say in each paragraph before you start writing your final work.
  • Planning your paragraphs beforehand allows you to focus your energy on how to express your ideas clearly and appropriately while you are writing.
  • While you are writing, be aware of the time. If, for example, you have twenty minutes to write three paragraphs, then use about six or seven minutes for each paragraph.
  • It is very important to leave five to ten minutes at the end of each task to review and edit your work. Good writers always check their work for grammar and punctuation mistakes.
  • At the same time, think about sentence structure, word choice, clarity, and organization.
  • Always ask yourself if the reader will be able to understand your ideas and whether you have expressed your ideas in the fullest and clearest possible way. CELPIP Material

CELPIP Writing Test Format

CELPIP Writing Task 1 – Email Writing

Writing an email on day-to-day matters
  • Task 1 instructs you to write an email regarding a day-to-day matter.
  • For example, you may be asked to write to a company to make a complaint or to say how happy you are with their service.
  • It is very important to consider the task carefully and plan your response well. celpipmaterial.com
Study Plan
  • Read: Carefully read the entire prompt and make sure you understand it to the best of your ability.
  • Identify the Purpose: Think about what the task is asking you to do. Do you have to complain about something, compliment someone, or explain something that happened?
  • Decide on a situation that fits the task and that will allow you to provide all the necessary information.

Organize and Plan:
  • Look at each bullet point and think of several things you can say for each point.
  • It is very important to include something for each bullet point in the prompt in order to fulfill the task requirements.
  • Think about the rest of the letter. Do you need opening and closing paragraphs? and, if so, what should they say?

 Start writing. Follow your plan if it is working. If it is too difficult or complicated to do, then that could mean your plan needs to be adjusted. Be open to changing your plan.

  • When you are writing, avoid using the words and phrases in the prompt.
  • Try to think of original ways to express key ideas without repeating parts of the prompt.
  • Try to use strong, descriptive vocabulary that communicates exactly what you mean.
  • Vary your sentence structure. Try to use a combination of simple, compound, and complex sentences. Make sure you don’t have whole paragraphs full of short, simple sentences.
  • Try to use appropriate transitions and connectors to show the relationship between
  • sentences and paragraphs. Be careful to choose the right ones.
  • Keep in mind that you are writing an email message and format your response accordingly. CELPIPMATERIAL

  • Read: If you have planned your work well, then your letter should be logical and well organized. Read it with “fresh eyes” and see if you need to make any changes to improve this.
  • Word Count: Check your word count and make sure your letter isn’t too long or too short. If it is, make the necessary adjustments by cutting text or adding text.
  • Edit and Rewrite: Check your grammar, punctuation, syntax, sentence structure, paragraphing, formatting, word choice, and word count. There are always ways to improve your work if you have time.
  • Final Check: If you have time, read your response one last time, and make any lastminute
  • changes to improve your work.

  • Use the right tone. Writing a personal message is different from writing to a company or a work colleague. Consider the situation and choose the right words and phrases to create an appropriate tone. Be aware of how formal or informal your tone should be.
  • Stay on topic. In the example prompt, you are asked to raise money for a charity. It is fine to write about the kind of work the charity does, but don’t spend a lot of time introducing yourself and talking about your own experience.
  • Refer to the tasks listed in the prompt and stay focused on them.
  • Keep your emotions under control. You may be asked to write a complaint about a bad product or unsatisfactory service. You can express disappointment and dissatisfaction, but it is not appropriate to express extreme anger or to threaten the reader.
  • Phrase things appropriately. Word choice and sentence structure greatly affect the impact of your writing. Choosing your words carefully will result in a much more effective message.
  • Include enough information to inform the reader. Look at the sample sentences again.
  • The effective sentences provide more information and specific details.
  • The goal of your email is to get someone to do something, so you need to provide enough information to support your request.

  • Use your time wisely when you are writing your email message.
  • You may finish writing the message before the time is up, but go back and make it better by carefully looking at your tone, content, phrasing, and word choice. It takes time to craft effective sentences and paragraphs.
  • The more effective your writing is, the higher your score will be.

CELPIP Writing Task 2:

Responding to a Survey Question
  • Two workplace option will be given, choose one option and explain.
  • First part will provide some details about situation, second part two choices will be given.
  • Evaluate pros and cons of bothe choices and write why your choice is work best.
  • Opinion survey will be related to the Canada people.
  • Time: 30 Minutes.
  • Explain your choice in 150-200 words.
  • Brainstrom and choose best option.
  • Review all information rovided.
  • Evaluate pros and cons of both options.
  • Choose that is better to explain for you and can psersuade ealisly. CELPIPMATERIAL
  • Plan and orgnise, what you want to write and shich reason you include in your response.
  • Add a convincing arguments to support your choice.
  • Make correct paragraphing and add some examples with details.
  • Don’t use weak words.
  • Leave 5 minutes in end to review.
  • Make a decision, Manage time, Make notes, Use good vocabulary, Count the words, review.

How CELPIP Writing Score is Calculated

The raters rate your work on our twelve-level scale. The following four categories are rated:

  1. Coherence/Meaning
  2. Lexical Range (Vocabulary)
  3. Readability/Comprehensibility
  4. Task Fulfillment

celpip writing scoring criteria celpipmaterial


Express a clear, focused, and well-organized message that is easy to follow.


Choose words that demonstrate precise and appropriate use of a rich range of vocabulary; put words and phrases together in a natural way.


Use language structure that makes your writing clear and easy to understand. Organize your writing in well-constructed paragraphs. CELPIPMaterial


Address all parts of the prompt sufficiently and effectively.

CELPIP Writing Level Descriptor Chart

celpip writing level descriptor

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