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Changes in Transportation System Survey Questions – Responding to Survey Questions

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Your city’s Environment protection department is conducting a survey to bring in revolutionary changes in the transport system. The department has sent out an opinion survey to see what residents feel about the given options

Environment Survey:

Option A: Governments should spend money on the development of public transportation systems.
Option B: it is better to spend money on the development of electric and other types of cars that may cause less pollution.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Changes in Transportation System – Model Answer 1

I think that Governments should spend money on the development of public transportation systems. Even though spending money on the development of electric cars has few advantages, there are more practical benefits if money is spent on public transportation systems.

Firstly, there are a lot of challenges with the ongoing public transportation system. The city has more than 5 million population, and transportation is not reaching all the residents of the town. People who are residing on the outskirts are facing multiple challenges like switching to different transits, spending more money while commuting, long waiting times. Due to these challenges, most of the residents are spending almost 4 hours a day on transportation. It, in turn, is impacting the mental and physical health of the people.

The government should come up with some innovative ideas on developing the existing transportation system. The government should plan and develop in such a way that the transit time should be reduced. On the contrary, people should be educated to plant more trees, which can reduce pollution to some extent.

Considering the above reasons, I believe it is better to spend money on the development of public transportation systems. People will be overjoyed once the public transportation system is improved. Again, this is my personal opinion, but I will support whatever decision is made.

Thank you for allowing me to provide inputs on this issue.

CELPIP Transportation Changes Survey – Model Answer 2

To whom it may concern

I want to thank the Bellevue environment care organization for allowing me to express my thoughts. Although few citizens consider the public funds should invent non-fuel vehicles, I consider it a waste of money. From my point of view, city authorities should focus on public transportation because it helps residents commute more easily.

As our city is sprawling with many employment opportunities, the population increased rapidly. Every day, in our town many employees, students and residents are commuting through local transportation. Many of them are waiting longer to catch a bus or train because of less frequency. So, investment in expanding them will be more beneficial to the public.

Moreover, many flyovers and bridges are pending construction in our city. Yesterday, I read an article in the Times local newspaper, and it articulated that the city’s infrastructure development paused due to insufficient funds. Therefore, the government should invest money to complete it, which in turn helps the common public.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that the government should invest money in the local transportation system for the welfare of city dwellers.


Environment Survey Questions

Even though each of these options has its own merit, I would like to go with option A.

I can understand the argument of those who are favoring option B. They might say that we need cars because cars give us the flexibility to move conveniently, but we have to remember that this convenience is coming at a cost. Even if one uses an electric vehicle, one wouldn’t be able to avoid traffic congestion on roads. It is natural. If everybody uses a car, congestion is bound to happen, and it will lead to delay and eventually to frustration, which is not suitable for our health.

On the other hand, if we opt for a better public transportation system, I believe we will be in a better position.

For example, if we get a sky train line in Victoria, it will be easier for us to commute during rush hours. There will be zero traffic jams and no delay. On top of that, electric trains are also suitable for our environment.

Hence, I would like to go with option A. However, this is just my opinion, and I will support whatever decision is made.

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