CELPIP Speaking Difficult Situation Grandparents Anniversary

CELPIP Speaking Difficult Situation Grandparents Anniversary or Help Best friend

Your grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this Saturday. Your classmate, Anna, needs urgent help with a school project on Saturday. She might fail her class if   you don’t help her. Talk to either your grandparents or Anna and explain your situation.

Preparation: 60 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds


In this question, you should just choose the option you think is easier. Don’t worry about which option is morally better. The CELPIP exam is not testing you on your morality. It’s testing you on your English!

Task 6 is called “a difficult situation”, but maybe it would be better if it was called “a sensitive situation”.

Which of these do you think is more important?

What you say. or
How you say it.

I think both are equally important in this situation. No matter what your answer is, you need to show empathy. Your tone needs to be empathetic.


Family gathering (extended family gets together)
Festivities (celebrations)
Stay up (stay awake)

CELPIP Speaking Difficult Situation – Grandparents or Best Friend

Hey Anna,

It’s Rubika calling here. I’m just calling to talk about this weekend. I know you asked me to help you with your big project on Saturday. I just remembered that my grandparents are having their 50th wedding anniversary that day! I feel so bad that I won’t be able to help you! My entire extended family will be there, and we’re going to take family pictures. It will be the biggest family gathering we’ve had in over 10 years. celpipmaterial.com

I was thinking of several options to solve this situation. One option would be staying up really late on Saturday night. I could help you after all the festivities are over. Another option is that Amanda from our class is really smart with this stuff and we could ask her to help you with the project. Anyway, those are two options we could think about. I’m really sorry again!

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Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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