Difficult Situation Wedding or Vacation

CELPIP Speaking Difficult Situation Wedding or Vacation

You recently booked flight tickets for your vacation to Mexico next month. Your colleague has suddenly announced his surprise wedding which takes place over the dates of your vacation. Either call the airline company and ask for a refund, or call your colleague and explain to him why you can’t attend his wedding.

Preparation: 60 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds


In this question, we don’t know how close of a relationship you have with your colleague. If you’re good friends with him, you could say “Hey Ron”, but if you’re only acquaintances, it would be better to say, “Hi Ron”. If he is inviting you to his wedding, there is a good chance that you’re good friends. In some questions on the test, it might be hard to know which word you should use. If you want to be safe, I would say:

Hey – family or friends
Hi – work, school, or other professional situations like calling a doctor.


In spirit (in thought)
Switch (move)

CELPIP Speaking Difficult Situation Wedding or Vacation

Hey Dave,

It’s Smith calling here. I just came to know that that you’re getting married!

Congratulations! It came as a real surprise to me. I had no idea you were even thinking of getting married anytime soon. I wish I had known about this earlier because I booked my vacation to Mexico last week! I called the airline this morning asking if I could switch the dates, but unfortunately they said I couldn’t. If I cancel the flight, I’ll only be refunded 60% of the cost. So unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the wedding, but I’ll be with you in spirit! And I’ll be sure to bring you back an exotic present from Mexico! I hope you have a great wedding!

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Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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