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Discipline Public Opinion Survey Questions – Responding to Survey Questions

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Government is worried because of Discipline and respect in schools being replaced with harassment and violence, directed at teachers. Government has sent out an opinion survey to know about the possible ways to control the situation.

Public Opinion Survey:

Option A: Special training for the teachers: Special training sessions should be arranged for the school teachers.
Option B: Introduction of the new curriculum: New curriculum with yoga and meditation classes should be introduced.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Discipline Public Opinion Survey – Model Answer 1

To Whom it may concern.

In my school of thought, providing exceptional training to teachers would serve as a better action plan to curb the harassment and violence direct at the teachers in schools. Adding new curriculum such as yoga and meditation could help discipline a few students but will not be an effective way to handle this problem. In contrast, special training sessions will provide teachers with the appropriate tools and guidance to act the right way when dealing with such situations.

The training program will help teachers learn from the expert researchers on this issue and get some hands-on experience through the experts’ drills. The session will include the re-enactment of the instances that had happened with teachers in the past, so teachers can easily connect, and the different responses from the experts to show how to tackle the problem positively to replace the harassment and violence with respect and discipline.

These training sessions will also help teachers socialize with their fellow teachers and open up to discuss these issues. It has been noticed that teachers refrain from discussing their negative experiences with our teachers as they fear the risk of being judged.

To sum up, I believe training sessions for teachers will be more effective in controlling the violence and harassment directed towards teachers.

Thanks for giving me a chance to include my opinion on this.


CELPIP Public Opinion Survey Questions – Model Answer 2

To whom may it concern,

I believe the government should implement the new curriculum with yoga and meditation classes, and it should be compulsory for both students and teachers. Yoga and meditation provide benefits in numerous ways to the students and tutors. I am enlightening some rationale in this survey that would strengthen my choice.

Firstly students and teachers are likely to have stress due to the study burden and syllabus length. This stress leads to harassment and violence in school. Hence, the introduction of the classes like yoga and meditation provide:
-Certain benefits, like relieving stress and anxiety.
-Increasing focus.
-Enhancing self-awareness in students and teachers.

Secondly, they can improve their physical strength, flexibility, and immune systems by doing yoga at schools. Additionally, tutees and instructors make themselves self-discipline person by doing yoga and meditation.

As per my perception, yoga and mediation classes at school would be more appealing than giving special training to the teachers because discipline and respect can not be achieved by special training. It can only achieve by self-awareness. Yoga and meditation are essential for self-awareness.

Thank you!

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Discipline in Schools – Model Answer 3

To whom it may concern.

Personally, at this time baseball ground with adequate sitting capacity would be a great choice. Sports complex with the athletic track will be a good option, but baseball ground is much needed.

Currently, the city has one baseball ground for youngsters, but that’s a little far from the city. It’s getting more difficult for the parents to take their kids for regular game practice due to their busy schedule, so young kids only practice or focus on their game once or twice a week.

Having a baseball ground near the city would be beneficial for future young players and parents.

Another feature that makes local people and community members happy is extra sitting capacity. The present ground does not have sufficient sitting capacity, which is very disappointing, as kids would like their many family members, especially their grandparents, to come and watch them play.

Hence adequate sitting capacity would be welcomed by residents.

Again, this is my personal opinion, and I would like to appreciate the authorities’ final decision.


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