Electric Bills Survey CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions

Electric Bills Survey Questions – Responding to Survey Questions

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Your electricity department is conducting survey to know public opinion, if department should introduce prepaid cards. The city has sent out an opinion survey to see what residents think about it.

Electric Bills Survey:

Option A: City should introduce prepaid cards
Option B: City should continue with existing billing system.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Electric Bills Survey – Model Answer 1

To whom it may concern.

I will prefer option B. Though it’s an innovative idea to introduce prepaid cards for electricity, I believe it can cause problems to the customers.

First of all, if we use the prepaid card for the electricity bill payment, you have to check the electricity usage every day. It’s a challenging task as we have to be disciplined in it. Otherwise, it can cause a sudden interruption in the electricity supply if we don’t calculate the usage every day and forget to recharge on time.

We also need to check the messages and emails to get notifications about electricity usage. Missing those messages and emails can cause you trouble as you can miss the prepaid card recharge alert, which can cause the interruption of the electricity supply.

Prepaid card for electricity is like taking away the freedom of electricity usage from the customer. It’s also difficult to control our daily electricity usage as it’s essential in our daily lives. We can’t live without it. But I will support whatever decision is made.

Once again, thank you for providing me with the opportunity to express my opinion on this issue.


CELPIP Electric Bills Survey – Model Answer 2

Although I can understand why some people would prefer the introduction of prepaid cards, I believe that maintaining the current billing system would be better.

In my opinion, the ongoing payment system is quite good, and all residents are used to how it works. As I see it, there’s no reason to change something that is well-functioning. The effort that the city would have to do to create a whole new process sounds just unjustified for me. Not only will this effort be unnecessary, but the investment too.

Moreover, I wouldn’t be comfortable to prepay the energy bill. One thing I like is to know exactly how much I will have to pay before doing so, as do all my neighbors that I had the chance to talk with regarding this matter.

Based on the arguments mentioned above, I firmly believe that the city should not introduce prepaid cards and keep it as it is. Again, I’ll support whatever decision is made.


CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions – Electric Bills – Model Answer 2

To Whom it may concern.

Although both options have some benefits, I will go with option B if I have to choose that is city should introduce prepaid cards.

First of all, today’s time is of smart technology. People know how to use technology, and this technology is used for different benefits. Launching of prepaid cards help people to save their time. Wherever they are, it is easier for them to pay their electricity bills. I also feel that prepaid cards help them security too. Moreover, people are not going to be late for making the payments.

On the other hand, existing billing system also need some improvements. It is challenging for the people to receive the paper bills and then go to the banks to make the deposits. Sometimes, paper bills get late to deliver for some reasons, or sometimes it happens that people got late because of the busy schedule, so prepaid cards help them make the payments on time.

Due to these reasons, I prefer that city must introduce prepaid cards for the electric bills.


CELPIP Electricity Department is Conducting Survey Questions

To whom it may concern.

Technology advancements keep on disrupting the traditional systems. Yet, it’s not a mandate that every new feature will lead to enhancements. I appreciate the city electricity department’s initiative to know public views on introducing new prepaid cards. The prepaid system will not have any benefits; instead, it will burden unnecessary investment on the initial setup.

Firstly, the people are used to the existing billing system. It’s always convenient for a customer to use a service and then pay for the availed services. This way, the consumer is assured of getting quality services since he or she can raise grievance for any lapses before the bill due date.

Secondly, the prepaid cards will bring unwanted overhead to the residents. They need to maintain balance in their prepaid accounts. Forgetting advance payments may cause an embarrassing situation like a power cut in the presence of the guests.

Based on the above two considerations, I would prefer that the electricity department not replace the existing billing system with prepaid cards. These are my personal views, but I will support whatever decision is made.


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