Food at Desks Survey CELPIP Writing

Food at Desks Survey CELPIP Writing

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Food at Desks Survey:

You work in an office area. Your manager is surveying your opinion about eating food at desks. There have been complaints about strong food smells and about leftover food attracting mice. Your manager asked you to complete an opinion survey.

Choose the option that you prefer. Why do you prefer your choice? Explain the reasons for your choice. Write about 150-200 words.

Option A: Everyone should be required to eat only in the kitchen.
Option B: Everyone should be free to eat where they want.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Food at Desks

The Manager
Omega Consulting,

Dear Sir,

I would prefer that everyone should be required to eat in the kitchen primarily because our work area is an open concept one and the lunch timings are quite flexible so every member has the flexibility to go on lunch at any time, also our work place is consist of diversity and due to which there are different types of food being brought in for lunch which can be of strong fragrance or taste and texture. Secondly the lunch for on member can be disturbing for those who are not on their lunch breaks and this is one of the important reasons for not allowing food at desk.

The leftover after lunch and cleanliness of desk is also a matter of concern because it will lead to infestation of fly, bugs and mice which i personally think is not good for our health and wellbeing. This will also effect the health of other team member which in turn effect the productivity of work. So, at the end I reiterate that eating food at desk should not be allowed and everyone should be encouraged to finish their lunch in kitchen

Yours Faithfully,
Assistant Manager

CELPIP Survey on Food at Desks

In my opinion all employees should be required to eat only in the kitchen. Firstly, this option would eliminate the issue of lingering food odours in the office. There has recently been some animosity amongst employees regarding strong-smelling food being consumed in the office. Limiting food consumption to the kitchen would eliminate recent debates amongst a number of staff members, thereby improving office relations.

A significant benefit of Option A would be improved hygiene in the office, as there have been issues with food debris on desks. This would result in a more pleasant environment for all employees. Furthermore, I believe that prohibiting food in the office will help to project a more professional image to visiting clients.

This option ensures that staff are taking a break from their work, and reduces time spent in front a computer screen. This offers numerous health benefits and will ultimately make them more productive. Finally, option A also encourages staff to be more sociable with their colleagues. celpip

Option A is the fairest choice for all employees, whilst Option B does not provide a solution to recent complaints or hygiene issues and does not offer any of the benefits as outlined above.

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