Forest Department Survey Questions CELPIP Writing

Forest Department Survey Questions – Responding to Survey Questions

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Your city is facing a problem of irregular supply of gas. The Gas company is planning to lay a new direct pipeline but through the forest area. The forest department has sent out an opinion survey to see what residents would like to have new pipeline.

Forest Department Survey:

Option A: Destruction of nature: New pipeline will destroy trees and environment.
Option B: Regular gas supply: Gas is essential for survival.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Forest Department Survey – Model Answer 1

To whom it may concern.

Both options are good, and I see why some of our residents might love to have an own pipeline. On the whole, however, I think it would be better not to build this devastating pipeline.

First of all, we have such a cute little forest with lots of old trees standing there since the pioneer days! It would be a crime to destroy them. We already cut a part of the forest for the new recreation park, but this still is a beautiful place in nature and do not demolish the wider environment like the pipeline would do.

Secondly, we already have a regular gas supply in our nearby community, so we do not need an additional one.

Finally, we really should think about the future of our nature and heritage and how to preserve the earth for further generations. We are responsible for giving it to our children and grandchildren in a healthy condition. We have to improve and not destroy nature, so we should think more about planting trees and not destroying them.

Considering these reasons, our community and further generations would be better off with Option A.


CELPIP Forest Department Survey – Model Answer 2

To whom it may concern.

I think a regular gas supply is essential for survival in our community. Here are my reasons for this preference.

First and more important of all, the temperature during the winter, in our community, sometimes reaches below -40 °C. Therefore, a regular gas supply is not a luxury, and it is essential for survival in this latitude. Last winter, there were some dead cases due to the extreme cold, mainly elderlies. There are enough resources to save lives, so let us use them.

Second, the gas pipeline project implementation will impact nature, mainly the forests and the rivers. However, it is possible to create a good plan to reduce the impact and speed up further recuperation.

Due to the above reasons, a regular gas supply will save lives in our community and can be planned to impact less as possible nature.

I appreciated the opportunity to give my opinion on this issue.


CELPIP Irregular Supply of Gas Responding to Survey Questions – Model Answer 3

To whom it may concern,

I am responding to your survey question regarding the resolution of the issue regarding irregular gas supply. In my opinion, Option A is the optimal choice of the two presented.

The forest area is an essential part of the city as it provides fresh air and improves the city’s air quality index. Currently, the city is on the top list for the air quality index, and the forest area plays a vital role in the same. I firmly believe that the destruction of the trees will hamper the air quality and the health of the citizens. Moreover, the forest area is adorned with various wild animals, and it is ethically wrong to destroy their home. I strongly oppose the idea to ruin the forest area for the regular gas supply.

However, I understand the requirement and the importance of the gas supply, which is currently hampered and affecting the citizens. Still, the proposed solution needs to be reconsidered due to the harmful consequences to the environment and wildlife. Therefore, Option B is the least desirable choice given.

In conclusion, I have chosen Option A as the target of the gas supply problem. I am of the view that this alternative will cause less amount of harm to the citizens.


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