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Junk food in School Survey Questions – Responding to Survey Questions

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Junk food in School

A local school is planning to ban junk food on the campus which management thinks is the main reason deteriorating the health of the students. The school has sent out an opinion survey to see what family members think about the issue.

Junk food in School:

Option A: Should partially ban Junk food.
Option B: Should introduce healthy junk food alternatives.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Junk Food in School – Model Answer 1

To whom it may concern,

Nowadays, kids have become addicted to junk food. But, they don’t know that junk food is hurting their health. Recently, I read a report stating a large percentage of children worldwide are exposed to diabetes, obesity and various diseases because they are consuming junk food in all their meals.

I appreciate the school management that they are planning to ban junk food on campus. But instead of imposing a partial ban, I think schools should introduce healthy options because some kids are addicted to having junk food. If junk food is partially banned on campus, students will still have junk food in one way or the other.

On the other hand, as the kids are habitual of burgers, pizzas, and other food items, if these food items are modified by using healthy ingredients, kids will enjoy the same meals as earlier, but these will not deteriorate heath. These will provide all the nutrients necessary for the growth of a child.

I can also recommend a friend of mine, who is a cook by profession, and she makes these improvised healthy food items for kids, which can be used as an alternative for junk food. Her office address is 14/198, Sparks Street, Ottawa

Kind Regards

CELPIP Junk Food in School Survey – Model Answer 2

Dear Campus Manager,

I want to appreciate the school is taking steps to revisit the campus food. I believe educational places should not encourage children to eat unhealthy food. I would like to share the reasons to substantiate my opinion.

To start with, kids do not have their parents around them to ensure what they are eating is healthy. Being a working woman, I am not able to make lunch for school, and my kids buy food from the canteen. For sure, if they have the option to purchase pizza, they will not buy a vegetable soup or fruit box. If school stops selling such things, then they do not have any other choice but healthy food.

Also, the junk comes with lots of artificial flavours and other chemicals which directly impact their physical and mental growth. In last month City magazine publishes research finding that 48% of kids are suffering from high blood pressure, overweight and low eyesight; the main reason is the deficiency of vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals. By discontinuing the sale of processed food, you are helping the student to overcome such problems and have healthy meals, which include meat, fish, vegetables, and milk.

Having all the arguments, I think schools should ban frozen and over precede food and provide and nutritious food.


A Local School Ban Junk Food CELPIP Survey Questions: Model Answer 3

I support option B. Even though the local school has a chance to ban junk foods partially, but I believe that the introduction of healthy junk food alternatives will have more benefits.

It is tough to convince the students to avoid junk foods. It’s almost an impossible task as they have the natural tendency to get attracted to junk foods. Providing them an option with healthy junk food alternatives will help them to avoid junk foods.

The second reason is that it will stop the silent destruction of the students’ health. Healthy junk food alternatives will cause less or no harm to the students’ health, and it will not interrupt their natural growth.

Therefore, I believe that the local school should introduce healthy junk food alternatives instead of banning junk foods partially. Again, this is my personal opinion. I will support whatever decision is made.

Again, I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to share my input on this issue.


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