Public Opinion Survey on Education Portals CELPIP Writing

Public Opinion Survey on Education Portals CELPIP Writing

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

A number of online education portals have appeared in the recent years, offering a range of courses from learning a language to highly technical skill development curses. Are they really challenging the traditional ways of education? Are they good or bad, what are your views?

Public Opinion Survey:

Option A: Online eduation portals should be banned.
Option B: Online education portals are good for education system.

CELPIP Responding to Education Portals Survey

To whom may it concern,

Technology has made a revolution in different sectors, and education is one of them. Recently, there are numbers of education websites pooping on the internet, and these websites offer a convenient way of education. Hence, I believe online education is beneficial for society. I am enlightening some rationale in this survey to strengthen my choice.

Firstly, education can go beyond the classroom due to these online study portals. Students can learn any time and from anywhere via study portals which readily available on the internet. Another advantage of this online learning is that the education can reach the remote village in underdeveloped countries and teach them.

Secondly, in electronic learning, there is no need to physically present in the class. It will be beneficial for those people who are working. Hence, people from different age groups can take advantage and improve their career growth.

Lastly, people can save money and time by studying online. As per my perception, e-learning is a better platform for school students and working people. I would appreciate this survey.

Thank you!

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