CELPIP Reading Correspondence A Concerned Listener

Reading Correspondence A Concerned Listener

This Reading Module has 12 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice Celpip Reading Correspondence A Concerned Listener.

Part 1

Directions: Read the following letter.

Dear Radio Programmer:

I have been a loyal listener for the past decade. I have really enjoyed your programming. It has brought so much pleasure every single day to my otherwise extremely long, drab workday, and I thank you for that. I cannot fathom a day going by without one of your shows to pick me up. Well, enough of the intro. I should cut to the chase so you understand the point of my letter.

It’s precisely that I enjoy your station so much that I want to bring up my concern to you. I was listening to your station as usual the other day, when I heard something that bothered me. One of your radio hosts mentioned something about CXRZ going off the air. Not only that, he then said that he would never work in radio again. I was so upset to have him say that. My favourite radio station was going off the air forever. I was stupefied, flabbergasted, you name it. Imagine the even bigger shock when CXRZ continued broadcasting, with the same host on air again the next day. Was that some kind of bad joke? If so, it wasn’t very funny. It wasn’t even April Fools. I won’t name names, but the radio host I’m referring to has been a regular for at least as long as I’ve been a loyal listener.

Now, please understand that the only reason I was so upset, and I think I still am, is because CXRZ means so much to me. It’s the only radio station worth listening to nowadays. Your 24-hour talk show format is brilliant. There’s always an interesting topic or two that give listeners some food for thought. We need more of that nowadays. Just last week you folks were covering some issue that was happening in the Maritimes. Something about the inhumanity of lobster traps I think. Or maybe it was about the way they’re cooked. Anyway, I won’t be eating lobster again anytime soon, rest assured. That’s how much I’m affected by your shows. I don’t know what I’d do if you ever went off the air. There would be nothing decent left to listen to on the radio.

I don’t know what you plan on doing with my e-mail, but I would really just like to say that I didn’t find that host’s comment very funny. At the same time, I’m glad you’re still broadcasting.

Your faithful listener,
Jeanette Braun

Part 2

Directions: Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the above letter.

1. Jeanette Braun has been following this radio station for _____.

a. decades.
b. a couple of years.
c. a long time.
d. just a few years.

2. Ms. Braun is _____.

a. a homemaker.
b. a full-time university student.
c. a radio programmer.
d. a full-time worker.

3. Ms. Braun is bringing up her concern because _____.

a. she is so precise.
b. she bothered something.
c. she is writing this letter.
d. she enjoys the station so much.

4. According to Ms Braun, one of the radio hosts said _____.

a. something that upset her.
b. that CXRZ would go on the air.
c. that he would be back the next day.
d. something very funny.

5. Ms. Braun does not want to _____.

a. listen to the radio station anymore.
b. say which radio host made the comment.
c. be shocked so much.
d. hear any jokes.

6. The radio host has been _____.

a. a listener.
b. referred by Ms. Braun.
c. at the station for a long time.
d. shocking many listeners with his bad jokes.

7. CXRZ means _____.

a. a lot to a listener.
b. a radio station.
c. a 24-hour talk show radio station.
d. a 24-hour talk show format.

8. By the end of her letter, Ms. Braun _____.

a. is very satisfied with everything.
b. is apologetic.
c. is completely glad.
d. has mixed feelings.

Part 3

Directions: Read the response to the above letter. Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the above letter when necessary.

To: Ms. Jeanette Braun
From: Derrick Banner, Programming Director, CXRZ 100.5 FM

Dear Ms. Braun:
Thank you for your letter. We appreciate getting such correspondence from our audience. It is nice to know that we have such (9. unhappy / loyal / female / worried) listeners out there. It’s what makes our programming all worth it.

I spoke to the host in question, Miles Palomino, and I asked him about the (10. comment / letters / listeners / truth). He remembered that moment, and told me that what he had said was that “If CXRZ ever went off the air, I would never work in radio again.” He was merely stating his own loyalty to the station. We reassure you that Miles is staying, and so is our (11. host / radio / station / listener). Indeed, the message you received would be very upsetting to a loyal listener such as yourself.

I trust that my explanation clears up this issue that has been concerning you. I also hope that we can continue to provide the excellent programming that you have come to expect from CXRZ, and that we may be fortunate enough to have you continue to enjoy our station on a regular (12. day / time / basis / situation).

Kindest regards,
Derrick Banner

Reading Correspondence A Concerned Listener Answers

1) c

2) d

3) d

4) a

5) b

6) c

7) a

8) d

9) loyal

10) comment

11) station

12) basis

Answers Explanation

Reading for Correspondence “A Concerned Listener”

1) c: In Paragraph 1, Ms. Braun says that she has been a listener for the past decade (=10 years). The closest answer choice is “many years”.

2) d: In Paragraph 1, the words “every single day” and “extremely long workday” indicate that Ms. Braun works full time.

3) d: In the first sentence of Paragraph 2, Ms. Braun says that she is bringing up her concern because she enjoys the station so much.

4) a: In Paragraph 2, Ms. Braun says that “I was so upset to have him say that.”

5) b: In Paragraph 2, Ms. Braun says “I won’t name names.”

6) c: The last sentence in Paragraph 2 explains that the radio host has been at the station at least as long as Ms. Braun has been a listener

7) a: In Paragraph 3, Ms. Braun (a listener) states that “CXRZ means so much to me.”

8) d: In the two sentences of her closing paragraph, Ms. Braun expresses one negative and one positive feeling, which means she has “mixed feelings”.

9) loyal: The programming director is expressing how happy he is to have loyal listeners like Ms. Braun.

10) comment: The programming director wanted to ask the radio host about the comment he apparently made to make Ms. Braun upset.

11) station: The programming director is saying that Miles (the radio host) and the station are both staying.

12) basis: Ms. Braun listens to the radio station at work every day, which means “on a regular basis”.

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