CELPIP Reading Correspondence Brad’s Motorbike

Reading Correspondence Brad’s Motorbike

This Reading Module has 11 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice CELPIP Reading Correspondence Brad’s Motorbike

Part 1

Directions: Read the letter.

Dear Uncle Denis,

I just want to say thank you so much for letting me use your motorbike this summer! It was the best summer of my life, and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to go on this trip without your help! When my motorbike broke down in May, I was so sad because it meant I couldn’t go on the road trip through the States with my friends. We had been planning the trip for most of high school, so it was a crushing blow when the mechanic told me that the repairs would be over $2000. I definitely couldn’t afford that. I remember when you called me that evening on May 24th and offered to lend me your motorbike for the whole summer. I was overjoyed! I can’t thank you enough for making this trip possible for me!

We were planning to leave Calgary on the morning of the 27th, but it started to pour the night before. We didn’t want to start our trip by getting drenched, so we waited till the next morning. Our first stop was Kamloops, BC. It only took us 7 hours to get there, but after we checked into our hotel, I noticed how sore my body was. It took me several days to adjust to being on a new bike! On day two and three, we took it a bit easier and only rode for two hours each day. The weather in BC was so nice! On June 1st, we crossed the boarder into Washington State. It was my first time being in another country. The States is similar in so many ways, yet very different at the same time! One difference is with the measurements. Speed is measured in miles per hour and gas prices are listed in gallons. That confused me for a few days.

We spent a week going down the West Coast, all the way to San Diego. That was probably my favourite part of the trip. It’s such a scenic drive! After San Diego, we turned inward to Arizona. It’s crazy how fast the landscape changes from the coast. The U.S. has such a diverse landscape! It’s really hot in that area near the Mexican border. Actually, it’s so hot that my buddy’s bike overheated, and we had to spend two days in a small town in New Mexico. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the people I went with. They are all my high school classmates. There were five of us in total. My buddy Jim was riding his dad’s brand new Harley Davidson. I think you would like that bike! I remember you taking me for a ride on your Harley back in the day. Do you miss that bike?

Anyway, the rest of the trip was a blast and we made it back safe and sound. Thanks again so much for your kindness!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Part 2

Directions: Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the above letter.

1. Brad’s motorbike

A. got stolen.
B. had a flat tire.
C. stopped working.
D. ran out of gas

2. Brad thinks his uncle would like his friend’s motorbike because.

A. it had a big engine.
B. it was the same make as one he used to own.
C. it was brand new.
D. it was very fast

3. The trip was delayed because.

A. it started raining.
B. it started hailing.
C. the roads were too icy.
D. someone’s bike needed repairs

4. Ryan’s body was sore because.

A. he fell off the bike.
B. he wasn’t used to the bike.
C. the bike was too big.
D. the seat was uncomfortable

5. Ryan was confused because.

A. the gas prices were so high.
B. the speed limit was much lower.
C. they got lost.
D. the USA uses the imperial system of measurement

6. The landscape in the USA is.

A. similar to Canada’s.
B. uniform.
C. diverse.
D. not good for biking

Part 3

Directions: Read the response to the above letter. Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the above letter when necessary.

Dear Brad,

I’m so glad to hear that you had a great trip! It’s great that you had some . 7. [A. company. B. setbacks. C. precipitation. D. detours] It would have been really lonely to do that whole trip by yourself. I did a solo trip in my 20s, and, just like you, my favourite place was the. 8. [A. desert. B. mountains. C. prairies. D. West Coast] Wow, you made great time to Kamloops. It was probably a good call to
9. [A. stay in a hotel. B. postpone departure by a day. C. fix up your bike. D. take a rain check] I’m glad you got used to the bike after a few days. You’re right, I would have loved. 10. [A. to come with you. B. to see the desert. C. your buddy’s bike. D. the weather in BC]

It was my pleasure to. 11. [A. borrow your bike. B. fix your bike. C. lend you my bike. D. teach you how to ride] I was so sad when I heard that your bike broke down right before your trip.

Keep being an explorer! Love,
Uncle Denis

Brad’s Motorbike Vocabulary

Break down (stop working, need repairs)
Road trip (a long trip with lots of driving)
Crushing blow (very disappointing news)
Overjoyed (very happy)
Pour (rain)
Drenched (very wet)
Take it easy (relax)
Scenic (beautiful landscape)
Back in the day (a long time ago)
Good call (good decision)
Company (companionship)
Take a rain check (postpone something without making future plans)

CELPIP Reading Correspondence Brad’s Motorbike Answers

1. C – stopped working

2. B – it was the same make as one he used to own

3. A – it started raining

4. B – he wasn’t used to the bike

5. D – the USA uses the imperial system of measurement

6. C – diverse

7. A – company

8. D – West Coast

9. B – postpone departure by a day

10 C – your buddy’s bike

11 C – lend you my bike

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