CELPIP Reading Correspondence Late Submission

Reading Correspondence Late Submission

This Reading Module has 11 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice CELPIP Reading Correspondence Late Submission.

Part 1

Directions: Read the letter.

Dear Professor Johnson,

I would like to apologize for submitting our group assignment several hours late. I know the penalty is a 10% grade reduction for late assignments, but I would like to explain why it was late.

As you know, my group consisted of myself, Cynthia, and Roger. To be honest, I feel very let down by the group. I ended up doing most of the work for the project even though we had discussed the assignment and divided the tasks. My role was to write the introduction and the conclusion and proofread the document before submitting it. I finished writing the introduction and conclusion over a week ago so that the other members would have some structure to build on. I figured they would be working on their parts during the week and then send me their parts on Friday so that I would have all day Saturday to compile everything and make sure it was ready to go.

Unfortunately, my teammates weren’t working during the week. On Thursday night, I got a text from Roger saying that he had been busy all week and hadn’t started his part yet. He didn’t even know where to start, so I ended up doing most of his part of the assignment. Cynthia finally sent me her part on Saturday afternoon, and the writing quality was terrible. It was full of grammar and spelling mistakes. I couldn’t believe it. I stayed up all night on Saturday editing her mistakes and writing Roger’s part. I finally finished everything just before the deadline but then realized that Cynthia hadn’t listed her references. So, I tried to contact her, but it took her two hours to respond to me. Finally, she sent me the references, and I put them into the final assignment.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted. I was trying so hard to get the assignment in on time. Would you be willing to make an exception for our group and overlook the late submission?

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response.

Warm regards,

Part 2

Directions: Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the above letter.

1. Tony is writing the email to ____

A. complain about his group mates.
B. ask for more time.
C. explain his situation.
D. ask for clarity on the instructions

2. Tony feels ____.

A. disappointed in his group.
B. that there was not enough time for the assignment.
C. Cynthia should lose marks for her bad grammar.
D. Roger should be reprimanded for his lack of effort

3. The last frustration Tony faced was ____.

A. writing Roger’s part for him.
B. fixing Cynthia’s grammar mistakes.
C. writing the conclusion.
D. asking Cynthia to submit her references

4. Tony finished the introduction and conclusion early ____.

A. so that he could help Roger with his part.
B. so that his group mates would have greater clarity in writing their parts.
C. so that his group mates would finish early too.
D. so that they would not receive the 10% penalty

5. Roger ____.

A. finished his part on Thursday evening.
B. asked for more time.
C. edited Cynthia’s mistakes.
D. needed Tony’s help

6. Tony asked his professor ____.

A. for a higher grade.
B. to overlook the penalty.
C. to punish Roger and Cynthia.
D. to send feedback on his work

Part 3

Directions: Read the response to the above letter. Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the above letter when necessary.

I appreciate you letting me know about 7. __________. [A. your difficulties this week. B. Cynthia’s terrible grammar. C. the content of your assignment. D. upcoming assignment] It can be very frustrating when your group mates 8. __________ [A. ask too many questions. B. do not understand the assignment. C. fight with each other. D. do not pull their weight] That’s why I provide a “Teammate Evaluation Form” for each group member to fill out anonymously. It takes into account 9. __________ . [A. the effort of each member. B. the mistakes of each member. C. the past assignments of each member. D. how each member should be punished] I would encourage you to fill out the form in a way that reflects your frustrations about the group. This will 10. __________ [A. provide you some compensation for your hard work. B. show your teammates what they did wrong. C. give me an excuse to give them a failing grade. D. carry forward to the next assignment]

I will gladly overlook 11. __________.  [A. the spelling and grammar errors B. your group mates’ incompetence C. the late submission. D. your request to have the penalty removed]

CELPIP Reading for Correspondence Late Submission Vocabulary

Let down (disappointed)

Ended up (in the end)

Proofread (check for errors)

References (citations)

Overlook (forget about, forgive)

Reprimanded (punished)

Do not pull their weight (do not fulfill their responsibilities)

Incompetence (lack of skill/ability

CELPIP Reading Correspondence Late Submission Answers

1. C – explain his situation

2. A – disappointment in his group

3. D – asking Cynthia to submit her references

4. B – so that his group mates would have greater clarity in writing their parts

5. D – needed Tony’s help

6. B – to overlook the penalty

7. A – your difficulties this week

8. D – do not pull their weight

9. A – the effort of each member

10. A – provide you some compensation for your hard work

11. C – the late submission

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