CELPIP Reading Correspondence Lecturer Betty

Reading Correspondence Lecturer Betty

This Reading Module has 11 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice CELPIP Reading Correspondence Lecturer Betty.

Directions: Read the letter.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to enthusiastically support the application of Betty Triton as a lecturer. Betty is currently a senior graduate student in my laboratory. She joined my group five years ago, and will defend her thesis in about a month, March 2014. Betty has successfully tackled all aspects of her thesis work, whether technical or intellectual, with great determination. She has been recognized with numerous awards and scholarships. A manuscript on her main project will be submitted this coming month. She is an exceptional student, among the best I have seen in many Universities and Institutes where I have been, and I am confident that she will excel as a scientist, teacher, and mentor.

During her Ph.D. thesis, Betty was also a Teaching Assistant for three graduate courses and participated in mentoring programs for high school students. She engaged the students, directed work and/or class, and had great insights into what worked well in teaching. While doing this teaching or mentoring , which was her own calling and not required by our institute, she never let such activities keep her away from the bench, a testament to her ability to work hard and multitask. Moreover, at a personal level, Betty is a delight to work with. She is mature, independent, and resourceful, knowing when and where to seek advice and help. celpipmaterial.com

She is full of enthusiasm, has the right drive, and genuine interest in teaching and in science, an analytical and keen mind, creativity and perseverance. She multitasks with ease and does not lose her focus on the goals she sets. In summary, I have no doubt that Betty will be an outstanding teacher. Please so not hesitate to call or email me if you have any further questions. Yours sincerely, Lisa Scholar


Q1. The premier idea behind the letter is

a. to provide an assist to the petition
b. to appoint Triton
c. to introduce Betty Triton.
d. to acknowledge the candidate.

Q2. Betty holds a (an)

a. energetic personality
b. manuscript of her main project
c. academic degree
d. transcript for the model

Q3. Betty can become a (an)

a. analyst, disciplinarian and advisor
b. handler and scientist
c. excellent tutor in the future
d. confident person

Q4. During her Ph.D discourse

a. she created her own project
b. she instructed as well
c. she took drawing classes
d. she called on her own

Q5. Triton is

a. an educated girl
b. a refined person
c. a cultured lady
d. a fully grown person

Q6. She never forfeitures

a. her dream
b. her focal point
c. the victory
d. her hard work


Dear Lisa Scholar,
his is in response of your letter dated February 11, 2014 concerning the (Q7) ________________ submitted to Department Chair for Betty Triton. I am pleased to approve (Q8) ________________ on behalf of the institute. We are reviewing applications currently and expect to (Q9) ________________ in the next couple of weeks. If the applicant is selected for an interview, you can expect a (Q10) ________________ from our Information Department’s staff shortly. Thank you, again, for your interest in our institution. We do appreciate the (Q11) ________________. celpipmaterial.com

Gabriel Lee

a. behavioral inflations of your student
b. appointment as Lecturer
c. nature of the candidate
d. strengths of the applicant


a. sincerity of the candidate
b. the testament
c. positive attitudes of Betty Triton’s
d. BettyTriton’s application


a. Throw a party
b. schedule interviews
c. perform an experiment
d. appoint the scientist’s


a. phone call
b. a surprise gift
c. experimental model
d. scholarship


a. model you created for the organization
b. promotion of your student
c. ability of the applicant
d. time you invested on this application

CELPIP Reading Correspondence Lecturer Betty

1. A(para 1 line 1)

2. C(para 1 line 2/para 2 line 1)

3. A(para 1 last line)

4. B(para 2 line 1)

5. D(para 2 line 11)

6. B(para 2 last line)

7. B(para 1 line 2)

8. D(para 1 line 2)

9. B

10. A

11. D

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