CELPIP Reading Correspondence Patient Appointment

CELPIP Reading Correspondence Patient Appointment

This Reading Module has 11 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice Celpip Reading Correspondence Patient Appointment.

Part 1

Directions: Read the letter.

Dear Patient:

This letter is to confirm your appointment for James at Royal hospital. Please plan to arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time for you and your significant other to sign consent forms that are required for your treatment. It is important that your significant other is able to accompany you to your appointments as much as possible. With the type of care we provide, we may be unable to schedule/perform certain procedures without their signature.

If you have been seen by another physician, please request that your medical records be forwarded to our office prior to your appointment, as well. In an effort to be HIPAA compliant and to protect your private health information and identity, we require that you bring your photo I.D. and insurance card to your first visit.

As a courtesy to you, we will submit your insurance claims for you; however, any co-payments will be collected at the time of service. For any non-insured patients, fees for all office visits and related charges are payable at the time of service.

My staff and I appreciate your selecting our office for your health care.

D.K William

Part 2

Directions: Answer the questions by choosing the best option according to the information given in the message.

1. This mail is

A. Apologize wrong information
B. Remind to appointment
C. Appreciate to apply
D. Change appointment

2. Jame’s appointment for

A. Surgery
B. Treatment
C. Cancel
D. Sign

3. The office needs medical record if he

A. Doesn’t have treatment result
B. Has been surgey
C. Taking medicines
D. Treated from other doctor

4. If Jame is noninsured, he has to

A. Read HIPAA information
B. Take cash or debit card
C. Bring photo ID
D. Appointment documents

5. Jame has to

A. Go office with someone
B. Arrive exactly appointment time
C. Change doctor
D. Take HIPAA identification.

6. After appointment, What will Jame do next

A. Make appointment again
B. Signature document
C. Treatment in hospital
D. Send medical record

Part 3

Directions: Read the response to the above message. Complete the response by filling in the blanks

I am writing to let you know that unfortunately, 7____________ My mother has been 8____________ for heart surgery and it is important that I be with her at this time. 9____________ that I will be in Boston for the next one months. I am much looking forward to meeting with you, 10____________ and would like to find a mutually agreeable time when we can hold a rescheduled meeting. I apologize for needing to reschedule our appointment and for any inconvenience that this change might create. 11____________


A. I must change the appointment
B. I don’t have cash
C. I should cancel meeting
D. I have to back home


A. moved
B. hospitalized
C. traveled
D. studied


A. I anticipate
B. I finish
C. I participate
D. I doubt


A. Thus,
B. In addition,
C. Therefore,
D. However,


A. I appreciate your generosity.
B. I request take action against.
C. I look forward to see you
D. Thanks for your support

CELPIP Reading Correspondence Patient Information Answers

1. Remind to appointment

2. Sign

3. Treated from other doctor

4. Take cash or debit card

5. Go office with someone

6. Treatment in hospital

7. I must cancel the appointment

8. hospitalized

9. I anticipate

10. However

11. I look forward to see you

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