CELPIP Reading for Information Canada Culture

CELPIP Reading for Information Canada Culture

This Reading Module has 9 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice Celpip Test Reading for Information “Canada’s Cuture” with answers.

Time: 10 minutes

Part 1

Directions: Read the following information passage.

A. Canada’s culture has historically been influenced by European culture and traditions, especially British and French. Canada’s federal government has influenced Canadian culture with programs, laws and institutions. In general, the way of life, family structure, cuisine, and dress are closer to those of the United States than to those of Britain or France.

B. Canada has become a cultural mosaic in which immigrant groups have been able to retain much of their ethnic culture. The major metropolitan centers have provided several focal points for artistic activity stimulated by a rapidly urbanizing society. Like the cultures and customs of other countries, culture and customs of Canada are very distinctive and unique. Canada occupies a very specific piece of the world’s geography. celpipmaterial.com

C. Food plays an inextricable role in our daily lives. Food is such an essential element of people’s lives that many people think of countries first and foremost in terms of their food and cuisine. While Canada is not known internationally for its culinary contributions or accomplishments the way China, India, France and Italy are, it is known in many parts of the world for its diverse foods and foodstuffs, as well as its regional specialties and escalating gastronomic achievements. This is due to the incredible diversity of the country’s environment, its multicultural character, and its rapidly growing coterie of world-class chefs, cooks and culinary specialists.

D. Canada is well known throughout the world today for the quantity and quality of its fresh-water fish, ocean fish, and shellfish and the like. Many of these delicacies are packed up in fresh, frozen, or smoked form and shipped off to destinations in other parts of the world in response to the high demand for them. While drink is an essential part of the food and cuisines of all peoples and countries in the world – think of what tea means to China and Japan and wine and beer mean to Germany, France, and other European countries – Canada does not have a long tradition in this area.

E. Not in any of the paragraphs.

Part 2

Directions: Decide which paragraph (A, B, C, or D) contains the information in each of the following statements. If the information is not discussed in any of the paragraphs, choose “E”.

1. An idiosyncratic civilization prevails in the country.

A      B      C      D      E

2. Country is renowned for fish farming throughout the globe.

A      B      C      D      E

3. Lifestyles of other countries have a large effect on the native land’s grounding.

A      B      C      D      E

4. Natives follow a single culture all over the nation. celpipmaterial

A      B      C      D      E

5. Comestible, an indispensable element recognized worldwide and an essential element for existence.

A      B      C      D      E

6. Canada prides in the co-existence of different ethnic groups, languages and culture.

A      B      C      D      E

7. Canada’s history has always been intertwined with that of USA.

A      B      C      D      E

8. Canada is the birthplace and largest producer of maple syrup.

A      B      C      D      E

9. Beverage, an unrecognized custom in the homeland.

CELPIP Reading for Information Canada Culture Answers

1. B(line 6)

2. D(line 2) celpipmaterial.com

3. A(whole para)

4. E

5. C(1st line)

6. B(1st line)

7. A(last line)

8. E

9. D(6th line)

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