CELPIP Reading for Viewpoints Confronting Danger

CELPIP Reading for Viewpoints Confronting Danger

If a person suddenly encounters any terrible danger, the change of nature one undergoes is equally great. Sometimes fear numbs our senses. Like animals, one stands still, powerless to move a step in fright or to lift a hand in defense of our lives, and sometimes one is seized with panic, and again, act more like the inferior animals than rational beings.

On the other hand, frequently in cases of sudden extreme peril, which cannot be escaped by flight, and must be instantly faced, even the most timid men at once as if by miracle, become possessed of the necessary courage, sharp quick apprehension and swift decision. This is a miracle very common in nature. Man and the inferior animals alike, when confronted with almost certain death gather resolution from despair but there can really be no trace of so debilitating a feeling in the person fighting, or prepared to fight for dear life. At such times the mind is clearer than it has ever been; the nerves are steel, there is nothing felt but a wonderful strength and daring. celpipmaterial.com

Looking back at certain perilous moments in my own life, I remember them with a kind of joy, not that there was any joyful excitement then, but because they broadened my horizon, lifted me for a time above myself.



Q1. The title that best suits the passage would be

A. The Will to Fight
B. The Miracle of Confronting Danger
C. The Change of Nature
D. Courage and Panic

Q2. A man may react to sudden danger in three different ways which are

A. He may flee in panic, or fight back or stand still.
B. He may be paralyzed with fear, seized with panic or act like an inferior animal.
C. He may be paralyzed with fear, or seized with panic or as if by miracle, become possessed of the necessary courage and face the danger.
D. He may be paralyzed with fear, run away or fight.

Q3. The meaning of the word debilitating is

A. enfeeble
B. strengthen
C. debase
D. thriving

Q4. The phrase gather resolution from danger means

A. Find peace in times of difficulty.
B. A state of utter hopelessness makes one determined to face the difficulty.
C. To remain calm and not to lose hope.
D. To be enthusiastic and brave the odds.

Q5. The author feels happy in the recollection of dangers faced and overcome because

A. They brought him a new experience.
B. They added a new perspective and lifted him above himself for a time.
C. These experiences boosted his confidence.
D. He felt elated as he was alive.

Quite an interesting article! It discusses the real life scenarios. Even in my case, if face any danger, the first reaction would be (Q6)______ until and unless I am prepared to react properly. In some scenarios, people who are in the quagmire of severe danger, sometimes lose their senses and (Q7)______ . However, to tackle this situation, some organizations teach the (Q8)______ beforehand. Many of the participants become stronger after such practices. Moreover, the training encompasses the method to face (Q9)______ . Not only does it prepares a person for danger, but also enhances (Q10)______.


a. laughing
b. numbness
c. smiling
d. running

a. freeze in their position
b. try to communicate
c. create own sounds
d. run away

a. knowledge and awareness
b. variety of subjects
c. fight and flight method
d. plenty of ornaments

a. any type of jeopardy
b. the most weird situations
c. extreme hot temperatures
d. severe climate calamity

a. overall perspective of life
b. the personality of a person
c. strength to do exercise
d. ways to face animals

CELPIP Reading for Viewpoints Confronting Danger Answers

1. B (line 10)

2. C (lines 3/6/10)

3. A (line 15)

4. B (line 14)

5. B (last line)

6. B (line 3)

7. A (line 4)

8. C (line 16)

9. A (line 9)

10. A (last line)

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