CELPIP Reading Sport Center Swimming Timetable

CELPIP Reading Sport Center Swimming Timetable

This Reading Module has 8 questions similar to the kinds of questions that you can expect to find on an actual CELPIP Test. Practice Celpip Test Reading Apply a Diagram Sport Center Swimming Timetable

Part 1

Directions: Read the following advertisement. Answer the questions by choosing the best word or phrase to complete the sentence, referring to the ad when necessary.

 Sport Center Swimming Timetable

sport center swimming timetable celpip reading

Part 2

Subject: – Timetable of a swimming pool.
To: Herby Patterson <herbypat1@occ.com>
From: Jack Karley<jackisgreat@hmail.com>

Hi Herby,

I was planning to meet you in the morning but unfortunately my boss called on me and we had to leave for an important meeting. But don‘t worry; I have managed to discover the perfect place for swimming with (Q1) _____________. From my understanding, it is coherent to adjudge that you will be interested in taking classes for the same. This can be availed on every (Q2) _____________. In addition, if you become a member, you will get access to free (Q3) _____________ but this is not something of our interest, Right? Luckily, the center offers three time slots on weekdays but only two time slots on (Q4)_____________. Since you have an off on Wednesdays, you can also take (Q5)_____________. I hope this information would suffice to your requirements.

In case of any further query, you can visit their website.

Let me know, and I’ll see you soon.


Part 3


a. flexible timings.
b. a myriad of instructors to choose from.
c. yoga and other physical exercises availability.
d. private booking as an indispensable component.


a. Thursday
b. Monday.
c. Wednesday.
d. Saturday


a. Demo classes.
b. Aqua jog.
c. Sauna bath and massage.
d. Swimming, sauna and steam.


a. Every 2nd Saturday.
b. All weekends plus Wednesday
c. Alternate Sundays.
d. Only Saturdays.


a. Zumba.
b. Steam bath.
c. Aqua jog.
d. Sauna.

Q6. Herby and Jack know each other because they-

a. stay together.
b. have a relation of a manager and an employee.
c. are companions of the same field.
d. are siblings.

Q7. Herby and Jack are planning to join the swimming classes together to

a. solve their ongoing fight.
b. spend quality time together.
c. experience a new environment.
d. rejuvenate their minds from their busy schedule of work.

Q8. When Jack said that swimming, sauna and steam are not of their interest, what did he mean by that?

a. these classes are not under their budget.
b. they are seeking swimming mainly.
c. they feel suffocated.
d. sauna and steam is injurious to health.

CELPIP Reading Apply a Diagram Sport Center Swimming Timetable Answers

1. A(2nd,3rd and 4th column)

2. C(last of 2nd column)

3. D(circle at lower right)

4. B(2nd, 3rd and 4th column)

5. C(2nd column last)

6. C(lines 1 & 2)

7. D

8. B

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