School Violation Survey CELPIP Writing

School Violation Survey CELPIP Writing

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Government is seeking public opinion to find out the reasons for the chronic issue of violence and bullying in schools. What do you think is the actual reason.

School Violation Survey:

Option A:  Under-reporting of the incidents:
Option B: The school adminisrator’s fear of reputational risk.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions School Violation

To whom it may concern.

I believe under-reporting is the primary reason for the violence and bullying issues in schools. Even though reporting of such issues comes with a negative impact on the institution’s reputation but on the other hand, not reporting such cases to empower bullies and violence ensues in the schools. There are many reasons why violence and bullying cases are under-reported.

The first and foremost reason is fear. In most cases, victims feel reporting such issues will result in more harassment by the bullies. For example, my younger brother was bullied and asked not to report the issue to the school administration as he felt he would be target more by the bullies.

The second reason is the sense of humiliation victims feel will be drawn on them if they report such issues. The victim, who is going through a lot mentally and physically, fear humiliation from his friends and classmates as he will be perceived as weak. In our society, weak people are not well accepted and often a subject for ridicule.

Considering all my thoughts, the key to having this ominous problem of violence and bullying in most schools and education institutions is under-reporting.

Thank you for providing me with a chance to include my thoughts on this issue.


School Violation Survey CELPIP Writing

To whom it may concern,

Many private schools with a good name and fame have always been trying to hide some of the issues such as bullying and misbehaving as they can stake the school’s reputation. But as the general citizen of the country, we should always try to give a good and straightforward environment for children which can help them be good human beings.

But, unfortunately, we all considered the schools a temple of learning and teaching the difference between good and the bad, correct and wrong. If such places continue to fear society and not think about a child’s future, then that can lead to a situation for tomorrow where there would be no discipline.

A school considered a learning institute that develops every individual from one’s interpersonal skills and helps them module for a better future should never get into the administration politics and ignore such violent activities.

Instead, these activities should be brought to parents’ notice and help guide such students or children precisely to improve themselves.

I want you to take every possible step to stop such violence and make a better future.

Kind Regards,

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