Security Cameras Survey CELPIP Writing

Security Cameras Survey CELPIP Writing

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Your city police department is conducting a survey to bring in revolutionary changes in the city’s security system. The department has sent out an opinion survey to see what residents feel about the given options

Security Cameras Survey:

Option A: Security Camera’s in public places will reduce crime.
Option B: These measures restrict our individual freedom.

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Security Cameras

To whom it may concern.

Although, so many residents will choose to avoid security cameras in public places due to their privacy. Whereas, I would like to opine in favour of installing a security surveillance camera in public places.

The security cameras will enhance the monitoring of suspicious activities, which will demolish the crime rate. For instance, there is no security in the public place, and the graph line of crime rates has tremendously increased in several months, so there is an urge to install security cameras.

Moreover, it will help the police department easily catch the crime suspect as they can watch the CCTV footage anytime and use it as proof to penalize the guilty. To illustrate, last week, a girl was murdered on the street, but unfortunately, the suspect is still missing. However, if there were security cameras, the suspect would have been handcuffed.

Again, this is my personal opinion, but I will support whatever decision you made. I am very thankful to you for providing me with the opportunity to put my input on this issue.


Security Cameras Survey CELPIP Writing

To Whom it may concern.

It is a great thing that the management is the focus and increasing the security of the campus.

My first preference is new HD Night vision cameras, Because this helps a lot to monitor and help to guard the full security of the campus. To go on a walk to check all the spots, the security officer can check all the areas in one place.

Although, It’s easy to monitor at night time. Because our night man is an old person and he can’t see correctly. This thing helps him lots, last weekend my friends and me out of the room for a birthday party, when we come back, my friend’s laptop is not there someone stolen his laptop. And we complain about this to the management, but no action was done by management.

All things by is my personal preference, but I love to see what other people think! I will welcome what management will decide.


City police department is conducting a survey to bring in revolutionary changes in the city’s security system CELPIP Writing Task 2

To whom it may concern,

The recent spike in crimes has deteriorated the residents trust in the police department. I appreciate the department’s initiative in considering this matter seriously and reinventing the security system. In my opinion, installing security cameras in and around the city will reduce the crime rate.

Firstly, security cameras are visible from a distance. Security cameras will help prevent crime as criminals will have a fear of getting caught. Security personnel may get tricked, but it requires specialized skills to hack into the technology. Hence, cameras can act as a crime deterrent.

In addition, security cameras also help in managing road traffic and accidents. The advanced features such as speedometers integrated with the cameras can prevent over-speeding and hence save precious lives. Also, the automatic traffic challans will prevent unnecessary roadblocks and traffic.

Considering the above reasons, I agree with the police department’s initiative to revolutionize the security posture in the city by bringing in security cameras. I am sure the residents will be overjoyed.


CELPIP Survey Questions on Security Camers

To Whom it may concern.

My name is Tony, and I am a resident of this city from the past ten years. Installing security cameras in public places to reduce crime is a better option because crimes in our city had increased drastically.

Installing new security cameras will help the police monitor any ongoing criminal activity and reach the spot and stop the criminals. It will cause a wave of fear among the criminals of easily getting caught. Five days ago, I was attacked by two thieves. They took my wallet and my silver bracelet. I immediately informed the police, but they couldn’t catch them because they ran away long before the police’s arrival.

The police could have caught the thieves if and only if there were security cameras on the streets, which could have helped them trace the thieves. Our city police is very lovely, and they don’t bother any individual until or unless anyone seems suspicious. These changes will help the residents to feel safe and secure at any time of the day.

I would like to appreciate the new york police department for conducting this survey to bring revolutionary changes in the city’s security system.


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