CELPIP Speaking Difficult Situation Shoes Exchange

CELPIP Speaking Difficult Situation Shoes Exchange

You recently bought a new pair of shoes and realize that they are slightly too small. You want to exchange them for a larger pair but you can’t find the receipt! Call the store and explain your problem. Ask if you can exchange your shoes.

Preparation: 60 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds


In this situation, the store probably needs proof of purchase before they allow you to exchange shoes. One thing you could do is offer to show them your credit card statement as proof that you bought the shoes at their store.

Very often people mispronounce the word “receipt”. The “p” is silent. It’s just “reeceet”.


Store clerk (store worker)
Pick them out (select them)

CELPIP Speaking Difficult Situation Shoes Exchange


My name is Rocky, and I recently bought a a pair of shoes from your store. After arriving home, I tried them on and realized that they’re a bit too small. I should have gotten half a size larger. I would like to come back and exchange them, but I can’t find my receipt. I’m wondering if I can still exchange them without a receipt? If you need proof of purchase, I have my credit card statement which shows the name of your store and a purchase of $78.99. Also, I remember the store clerk who helped me pick them out. His name was Rohan. I think he’ll remember helping me if you ask him. celpipm aterial.com

Anyway, I’m just wondering if I can come in this evening to exchange them.

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