Survey for Artificial Intelligence Research Program

Survey for Artificial Intelligence Research Program CELPIP Writing

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Local NGO is struggling to put an end on the Artificial Intelligence research program. They fear AI is dangerous for humanity. NGO is seeking public opinion.

NGO Survey:

Option A: Artificial intelligence is really dangerous for the humanity.
Option B: Artificial Intelligence is important for the progress of human race..

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions AI Research Program

To whom it may concern.

I support option B. Even though there are some drawbacks of using artificial intelligence extensively, I believe we will get more benefits if we use artificial intelligence in a controlled way for the good of the human race.

The first reason is that artificial intelligence is helping us to achieve massive breakthroughs in the area of medical science. We can make artificial body parts like hands, legs, eyes etc., which help people with disabilities. They can have an everyday life with those artificial body parts.

The second reason is that artificial intelligence is helping us to predict natural disasters more accurately. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can predict natural disasters like earthquake, flood etc., in advance. Based on the prediction, the government can make a rescue plan early to protect the lives of the people of that particular area.

Therefore I believe that artificial intelligence is crucial for the progress of human civilization. Again this is my personal opinion. I will support whatever decision is made.

Once again, thanks for allowing me to share my input on this issue.


Local NGO is seeking public opinion on Artificial Intelligence

To whom it may concern.

Artificial Intelligence is a hotly debated topic amongst individuals, especially the young generation. In my opinion, AI is essential for progressive humanity.

Conspicuously, AI makes life more comfortable for human beings. Numerous day to day tasks can be delegated to the intelligent machines, and these machines can perform the activities with precision and quality. Furthermore, medical advancements led by artificial intelligence brought revolutionary changes. For example, microchip enabled artificial limbs have proven to be life-changing for many handicaps.

On the other hand, some people think that AI is dangerous to humanity. Nonetheless, this is a lame excuse to run away from the current issues. One apparent reason is, machines cannot suppress the human brain. Moreover, we can switch off machines whenever deemed fit. For instance, if a virus infects our computer, the system can be turned off to thwart the spreading of the virus.

Based on the above considerations, I firmly stand by my stance. That is, AI is not dangerous for humanity instead of a crucial step for evolution.


Survey for Artificial Intelligence Research Program CELPIP Writing

I think the drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence is overlapping the benefits. Although machinery is contributing to the development of industry in several ways, however, humans are facing more issues because of Artificial Intelligence.

My first and foremost drawback is unemployment as people are investing once on Roberts so that they do not need to pay the number of people for work. That significantly declining job opportunities for jobs. For instance, undoubtedly, security cameras make security easy. However, some people lost their jobs as an employee is replacing five cameras on behalf of five people and paying just one to monitor it.

Furthermore, indeed Artificial intelligence like robots are helping save humans to some extent on borders. However, we can not say that it is safe for human. Replacing robots on edges can save our country fighters, but if any of the robots got out of control, it could destroy all countries even ours too.

Considering these reasons, I think Artificial machinery can be dangerous for creatures. Again, this is my personal opinion I will support whatever NGO likes to do.

Thanks for allowing me to give express my views on this.

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