Survey for Banning Mobile Phones CELPIP Writing

Survey for Banning Mobile Phones CELPIP Writing

(27 minutes/150-200 words)

Read the following information.

Your university is proposing a complete ban on Mobile phones on the campus but few students and their parents are opposing the ban. Management has sent out an opinion survey to seek views..

Banning Mobile Phones:

Option A: Use of Mobile phones on the campus should be prohibited.
Option B: Students should be allowed to keep cell phones..

CELPIP Responding to Survey Questions Your University is Proposing a Complete Ban on Mobile Phones

To whom it may concern,

These days mobile phones have become a necessity for almost everyone. We can not imagine our life without it. Mobile phones give us access to the entire world in the comfort of our house, office or class.

Although many people are of the view that phones should be banned on campus, in my perspective, cell phones are beneficial for a student and should not be banned. With the advancement in science and technology, everything nowadays is digital, from books to lectures. If mobile is banned in the university, it will be tough for the students to carry those heavy books, which can take almost negligible space in their phones.

Some students in our university are from different countries and live here alone, away from their families. They spend almost all their day on campus. If phones are not allowed, it will be tough for them to contact their family members as they have some specific hours to talk due to the time difference.

Concluding, students should be allowed to keep mobile phones with them on campus. If the management thinks that students can misuse their phones, restricted sites can be blocked using various software instead of prohibiting it.


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