Talk About a Favourite Trip You Took CELPIP Speaking

Talk About a Favourite Trip You Took CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience

CELPIP Speaking Task 2 Personal Experience

Talk about a favourite trip you took. What made the trip memorable?


When you answer this question, you should sound excited because you’re telling a story of your favourite trip. Just relax and speak from your heart. If you can’t think of a favourite trip you took, just make something up. This is a very easy question because you can say anything you want. Just make sure to give some reasons why you enjoyed the trip.
Remember to use past tense verbs!



Enormous (huge)
Down the coast (traveled near the ocean)
Make up everything (be spontaneous)
Unforgettable moment
I’ll never forget that
So much fun
At one point (one time)
Spontaneous (unplanned)

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Three years ago I went to Spain to visit my cousin who was studying there. We went on a 8 day road trip down the coast. We had such an amazing time! We decided to be completely spontaneous and not plan anything. We just started driving and made up everything as we went along! Every day we drove for about 5 hours and spent the rest of the time exploring the town or city we were in.

At one point, we drove through a small town and stopped for ice cream. We couldn’t believe how big the ice cream cones were! They were enormous! We loved the ice cream so much that we decided to stay in that town for the night. The next day, we went for ice cream again and my cousin ordered two cones for herself. As soon as we started driving, the ice cream fell off one of the cones onto her lap. We laughed so hard.

Those simple moments were unforgettable. We took lots of pictures and made a lot of memories on that trip. I’ll never forget that trip.

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