Talk About a Purchase You Regret Making CELPIP Speaking

Talk About a Purchase You Regret Making CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience

CELPIP Speaking Task 2 Personal Experience

Talk about a purchase you regret making. Why do you regret it?


Questions like this are completely subjective. In this question, you need to use past tense verbs. Many English learners never use past tense verbs in their speech. This is a major problem and will really impact your score in this question! Practice making a list of simple past verbs that you think you’ll use to answer this question.


Question 2 on the speaking test is about personal experience, so try to think of a real personal experience so that you can speak from your heart. If you can’t think of a purchase you regret making, just make something up. Your tone of voice should reflect your disappointment in the product or service. Use phrases like, “It was so frustrating.”

Here are some topics you could talk about:

  • You paid for an English course but didn’t learn anything.
  • You bought a dishwasher that didn’t clean your dishes.
  • You bought a smartphone that died after three months.


Nightmare (very frustrating)
Import (bring into)
Device (electronic product)
Convoluted (confusing)
Loathe (hate)
Annoy (bother)
Bother (dissatisfied)

CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience – Talk About a Purchase You Regret Making

Three years ago I bought an iPhone. I was really excited when I bought it, but within a few days I started regretting my purchase. The first thing that bothered me was that I couldn’t figure out how to transfer pictures from the phone to my computer. With my previous android phone, it was so easy to just copy them over. The second thing that really frustrated me was that I couldn’t figure out how to get music from my computer onto the phone. I had to download iTunes, import my music into iTunes, then sync it with iTunes on my phone. What a convoluted process! I have loathed iTunes ever since that day. Another thing that annoyed me about the phone was that the battery life wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. My friend had a Xiaomi phone and it got better batter life at half the cost! What the heck? I loved the design of the iPhone but it was a nightmare to use. I regret making that purchase and in the future I’m going to switch to an android device.

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