Talk about a Time You made a Change in your Lifestyle

Talk about a Time You made a Change in your Lifestyle – CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience


If you can think of a personal example from your life, that’s great. But if you can’t think of one immediately, then just make something up. For example, you could talk about changing your diet.

When you answer this question, you should tell a story. Most stories start with a time reference (last year, three years ago, six months ago). In your first sentence, you should say what change was. Then in the rest of the sentences, you’ll talk about how it affected your life.


What was the change and how did it affect your life?


Chirping (the sound birds make)
Impact (influence)
Early bird (someone who wakes up early)
Night owl (someone who stays up late)
Crisp (cool)

CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience – Talk about a Time You made a Change in your Lifestyle

When I was in college, I had to take early morning classes. The classes started at 6.30am which meant that I had to wake up at 5:30.

That was a big change for me because I had to start going to bed earlier. It was hard to make this change because I’ve always been a night owl. I like staying up late watching movies and chatting online, but this change really had a positive impact on my life.

After a few months of early mornings, I really fell in love with the new schedule! I felt less tired than I used to. It was so refreshing breathing the crisp morning air as I walked to school. I loved hearing the birds chirping and seeing the sunrise. Even though I don’t have to wake up early anymore, I still do it because I have grown to love it. Nowadays, I’m an early bird!

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