Talk About a Time You Overcame a Challenge

Talk About a Time You Overcame a Challenge CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience

CELPIP Speaking Task 2 Personal Experience

Talk About a Time You Overcame a Challenge


Remember, the CELPIP people are not evaluating your personality, morality, life goals and accomplishments, etc. They are simply evaluating you on your English proficiency. You don’t need to think of a huge challenge in your life. A simple one is fine too, as long as you can speak for 60 seconds on the topic.

In your answer, you should describe the challenge and how you overcame it. It’s a very open question. You could talk about how the challenge affected your life. Just remember to use simple past tense verbs


Trial (hard time)
Countless (many)
Turned the corner (started making progress)
Persevere (keep going despite hardship)
Drastically (in a big way)
Hit with (experienced)
Bout (case)

CELPIP Speaking Personal Experience – Talk About a Time You Overcame a Challenge

Four years ago, I got hit with a serious bout of depression. It drastically affected my life. I couldn’t work for a whole year. It felt like a storm cloud of negative thoughts was always over my head and I couldn’t get rid of it no matter how hard I tried. I developed insomnia over that time. I saw several doctors and counselors, but they couldn’t help me. I did a lot of my own research over that time. I watched countless YouTube videos of people who had depression. Their stories encouraged me and gave me the strength to keep trying.

Finally after a long time, I turned the corner on my depression. Now I’ve made a full recovery and I can work again and live a normal life.

Looking back on that challenge, I’m thankful for it now because I can help other people who are struggling with the illness. I’m really proud of myself for persevering through that trial, and I consider myself a better person because of it.

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